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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Stuff you need for hacking

Arrow Image Some small software pieces which you really need if you want to hack.

Want to be a hacker? Get some software: all free and safe:
Start out with mozilla firefox. It\'s just a great free, open source and safe browser. And it allows some sneaky plugins you\'d like:
Leet Key extension - This extension can handle a couple types of encryption.
Modify Headers - Really usefull if you insist that you\'re using \"Holy Teacher Browser 6.1.01\"
Add n Edit cookies (also known as AnEC Cookie Editor) - The name says it all, it\'s way easier than those strange javascript stuff
Web developer - Not only is it useful if you\'re a webmaster, it also supports real-time HTML editing - which is interesting for forms and stuff
x mod - Nice button if the FBI is on your door
Live HTTP headers - Interesting to learn the HTTP protocol, plus you know what the server wants to know about you.

Now, on to encryption:
Cain and Able - Free and great encoded (like md5 and stuff) message decrypter. Also nice for some sniffing work
John the Ripper - fast password cracker. advanced detecting, but bad dos interface
PkCrack - easily crack the encrypten zip files.

Also useful:
Ethereal - Open source network sniffer. Useful for a lot of home and business network hacking.
Brutus - network and internet brute-force login cracker. a lot of login types and features, bad speed
Some Putty programs when you\'re going to handle with telnet, SFTP and stuff

PS: about all of the above listed software can easily be found by just entering the name in google


Wsoprulz1299on June 13 2006 - 00:13:49
none of that stuff above is necessary, in fact i would advise against using any of the programs this idiot has stated except maybe firefox (opera is lighter), putty, and ethereal
no way bakon June 13 2006 - 01:03:03
I think this is a kind of nice article, it gives a newcomer a place to start at least.
netfishon June 13 2006 - 03:03:30
dude, this list is HORRIBLE. Like wsoprulz1299 said, NONE of the material except puTTy, JTR, Cain & Abel, , and Ethereal are necessary/useful. l33t key? I don't think so.. why would you need it to hack anything... By the way, go ahead and rely on "x mod" if you think it'll protect you from the FBI or any forensic analysts' investigation.
WaTcHeRon June 13 2006 - 08:27:05
X mod will not save you.... Even if they didn't find all your hacking shit mircosoft will. They have hidden files and folders on your computer which contains everything you ever done.
thousandtooneon June 13 2006 - 08:49:20
Watcher, since when? Do you honestly believe that? That's the single dumbest thing I've -ever- heard. The list isn't good, but more than anything it shouldn't be an article. Forum post at best.
shabouwcawon June 13 2006 - 09:55:57
the only way to stop them getting your harddrive is to fuck it out the window.....
ImperfectTruthon June 13 2006 - 12:22:41
shabouwcaw....microwave? That's been a popular one. Crush and burn is great too. Wink I think the article is decent, though I've never found a need for any of those things except for hbh challenges. Then again, I use SE instead of hacking skills whenever I can. What strikes me as odd is that this guy is ranked as a newbie, yet he's writing an article telling people what they need for hacking. Oh well. Maybe it did help someone.
Darth_Pengoon June 13 2006 - 13:42:39
I have a suggestion.. install nmap, jtr, linux/FreeBSD(Wsoprulz Wink) and use TOR
WaTcHeRon June 13 2006 - 14:55:11
thousandtoone shows how much you know... you fucking dumb fag i thought better of you before obviously not now...
WaTcHeRon June 13 2006 - 14:56:26
Whats to say they aint...? you call yourself a hacker? Im not another Mircosoft basher but i have seen these folders and removed them so stfu before u claim they don't.
EnglishPandaon June 13 2006 - 20:45:22
If you want to be a hacker, it's a lot more complicated than downloading a program and clicking HACK. Those are tools that can be used for a number of things and might prove a tiny bit helpful. Not in the hacking sense but in speed. You mentioned protection, i don't see one tool that protects which reminds me you forget essential assets to hacking accesories. Proxys at the top of the list on forgetten tools shortly followed by preffered OS systems, web spiders, batch creaters ect. You used an idea i thought about doing a few days ago but i read this and thought you mad a mess of it. It's made me more dedicated to writing an article to get more votes in the good section than you did... GOD i hate this article.
Wsoprulz1299on June 14 2006 - 02:20:27
Watcher you're an absolute idiot, go die please, preferably cut your wrists and die a slow and painful death
korgon June 14 2006 - 03:49:07
I'm going to puke sorry, If I get all this I can hack....NOOOO! WaTcHeR I know every in and out of windows I've used it for years, I got XP PRO down to the last file and tweak. There is no hidden folders Your full of SHIT if you deleted? these folders list them.. You can't can you. That's just stupid.I don't care what OS you run it can be recovered even if deleted. IE: Pro active recovery, Full version which I have.
CrumHackeron June 14 2006 - 04:09:09
I dont know , what to say this article is lame. Its ok for a newb to use and get a little help with the challenges here at hbh, but other than that for the most part just taking up space in the Articles..I agree that at most it should be a forum thread, then people could add on to the list the MANY things missed in this Article as some were listed earlier
thousandtooneon June 14 2006 - 05:32:13
Watcher, everyone thinks you're a moron, honestly, and you call ME stupid? Honestly, WOW! I can't understand a word you say with all that shit coming out of your mouth.
hack4uon June 14 2006 - 08:35:55
Hey i just wanted to leave a comment cuz this was getting HOTT o yeah... smoking... Smile
Aukecompson June 14 2006 - 13:28:58
Damn does no one here really get the point? all you guys did really lame at realistic challange 1: yeah cool javascript exploit blabla insert blabla huh? lol! why not use cookie editor? it's 100 times as easy and 10 times as fast. k, leet key might not be always useful. though it can calculate rot13. not useless imo. yeah, maybe not as useful as cracking md5, though some pepz use such strange algorithms. plus, it supports DES. not useless imo. what on this list is REALLY useless? no, of course I fcking don't mean it's all about pressing the "Hack" button. this software doesn't even mention hacking lol ok, maybe is web developer a small overkill. you can, indeed, do exactly the same without. but it is just way faster with web developer. no, of course x mod doesn't suddenly 100% delete everything. it's still all on your hard disk. but it makes the cop's work a lot more complicated. yes, you can write a brutus-like program yourself. but this is way easier. yes, maybe it'll cost a minute extra. so what? live http headers useless? If you're going to hack for real, this software is useful. what is actually sent? well... let's read the cookies and the forms from the last page! lol! live http headers is way faster. well, not way faster. but faster. so for the next negative reactions: please EXPLAIN what is bad and what should be added ps: about the proxy stuff: that's just about staying unknown. 1. totally not what you want at hbh 2. not really waterproof (sounds like "the proxy server has logs as well"Wink 3. if I want to stay anonymous, I'll use some other stuff as well. but this software if my base for game hacking.
WaTcHeRon June 14 2006 - 14:20:34
haha ok then you want me to prove it? will do.
WaTcHeRon June 14 2006 - 14:23:07
To kor:- "Some people believe that Microsoft, the software company that dominates our computers today, is spying on us all. All of us, that is, that have Microsoft products installed on our computers and surely that would be at least 99% of us I would think. So, Microsoft has loads of hidden files, it records all the websites you went on, even if you did delete them and all emails you ever sent! Here's a web site that tells you where to look for the hidden files in DOS. The webmaster of this site is fighting a campaign against all things Microsoft"
WaTcHeRon June 14 2006 - 14:23:32
So Korg how about you quit your day job seeing as you know the in's and outs
WaTcHeRon June 14 2006 - 14:27:45
All i can say to Wsoprulz1299 is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and how about you come do it for me!
WaTcHeRon June 14 2006 - 14:42:04
Sorry about the spamish comments wanted to address you all personally
korgon June 14 2006 - 17:02:09
First off has this article and anyone who knows windows knows about ie history & sys.basckup in dos. That's been around for years it's not hidden from anyone unless your a dink and don't have a clue. These files are used in system recovery not for spying.These articles are wrote just to hype people up about windows.
mozzeron June 14 2006 - 17:55:35
"Im not another Mircosoft basher" but "" WaTcHeR lol
WaTcHeRon June 14 2006 - 18:29:04
HAHA @ mozzer Grin. oh and yes korg they are hidden Wink i never said they were hidden from people like you did i... and whats to say they aint spying? for example MSN + uses lop servers (lop being adware) they give you the chance to allow sponsers, if you click no then they obviously dont show yup, whats to say that they dont silently update the servers which your computer connects to Smile
thousandtooneon June 14 2006 - 23:35:00
Watcher, I must say.. In an objective debate, you NEVER take information from a source that is too far in either direction. It simply doesn't work in the eyes of objectivity. Watcher, we all know Microsoft takes information about your computer. Legally, however, they are limited. People have challenged them. They don't go beyond their own bounds. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PERSONAL LIVES OF AVERAGE USERS! Also, what all are they recording, exactly? IE History is about all they can get on the operating system level. Obviously, every piece of information goes through the kernel or a few levels of compiled libraries, but how could the operating system itself do anything with information collected from applications it isn't aware of? How would the kernel understand it? It wouldn't. Watcher, you need help, honestly. You're a moron and you're still stretching your own story to cover your ass.
korgon June 15 2006 - 02:56:39
This is pointless, If any of you think microsoft spends hours SPYING on billions of computers your fucked up. Yes they need info on your system for updates and some history can be recovered in a criminal act.(forensic tool kit) But they don't care if your spankin' your little wenier on porn sites.And WaTcHeR I work on computers at night it's not my day job and I forgotten more than you'll ever know. Don't talk shit unless you know who your up against.
Elitest_00on June 15 2006 - 20:31:42
LOL, spanking your weiner to porn sites... Does it back up all files?
Elitest_00on June 16 2006 - 04:55:53
To think over it... the debate isn't that they dont care if we "spank our little weiners to porn sites", its that we dont want them to know Pfft
WaTcHeRon June 16 2006 - 11:33:12
Well korg tell me this.... do you work for microsoft? how the fuck do you know if they arent spying on you? you just cant face you got proved wrong and said i didn't have the information which i so clearly passed on... if you don't like getting proved wrong then don't argue... Also thousandtoone go get a life... no seriously read korgs statement.... "Your full of SHIT if you deleted? these folders list them.. You can't can you. That's just stupid." Well so im not gonna take him up on his offer to prove that there are actually hidden files which they use... and also i was using the lop thing as an example just so you understand clearly what im saying seeing as you lot miss read me... so get it right next time
korgon June 16 2006 - 23:35:38
Alright everyone has their opinions. Guess we'll say believe what each of believes and end this Spam contestSmile
thousandtooneon June 17 2006 - 00:11:36
WaTcHeR- How do I know they aren't spying on me? Can Microsoft hides information from a gateway? No! I've logged all network traffic for months at a time. Microsoft doesn't do shit. The only reason I commented on that lop thing was the tell you it was a bad example! You're still full of shit, and I've yet to see any proof.
WaTcHeRon June 18 2006 - 15:49:46
Hahah ok maybe you should open your eyes? just a thought
Elitest_00on June 22 2006 - 03:30:02
intersliceon June 22 2006 - 05:06:24
wow the comments page turned into a big argument. lol. they should hav a debating pageSmile
darkprince13on July 23 2006 - 01:05:55
hmm, i tried downloading j-t-r, but i didnt get any use from it, i got some text documents, and soeme shit thats un openable, and something with a black background and some text
h4xguyon November 18 2006 - 20:21:27
Well, at least he tried...I don't see you trying to make a guide for this...Don't be rude.
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