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Thursday, October 01, 2020
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Realistic 1 Walkthrough

Arrow Image A complete walkthrough for realistic one be carefull though as it does contain spoilers!

Realistic 1 Walkthrough
Hi Everyone
I wrote this tutorial because i did not think that any tutorials for realistic one where indepth enough.I would say this deffinitly contains spoiler so be warned and it is rather long!

So the first thing we see is the JohnDoe password and account yes that is handy!So upon arriving at the log in we chance a shot of sql injection just in case ' hmmm that didnt work!So now we simply log in and while youre at that go back to youre mission brief and what does it say?

Your goal for this mission is to log in as an registered user (johndoe/password) and analyze the site to gain administrator rights to change the price of the program to make it a lot more cheaper.

Now what are the key parts?We have to analyse the site and make the program cheaper,So what does analyse mean?Yes you guessed it!Look at something realy in depth.Now i am sure you have learned by now to look at the source and when we open her up what do we see?

<body bgcolor="black" text="white">
[ <a href="index.php">Home</a> ][<a href="logout.php">Logout</a>][<a href="toys.php">Toys</a>][Logs]
<h1>Trace Tracker V2.0</h1><Br><img src="images/one.jpg"><Br><Br>Tracking software that prevents tracing from unauthorized hackers or governments.
<br><br><font color="white"><b>You are logged in as: </font><font color="yellow">john doe</b></font>

Not that much!Yep its pretty bare so maybe thats a good thing lets look in the directorys given to us.....
Hmmm you see it?Yeh thats pretty interesting!
But now that we have this what do we do?We cant use sql injection to get in because we tried that.....Hmmm??Maybe javascript injection.....

Well first of all what is Javascript injection?Javascript Injection is simply changing the content of things such as cookies using JavaScript.Ahh now you see what I am getting at.

So to do this goto youre url and remove

Now type in javascript:alert("hello") and hit return....Tada! But wait dont get too excited we are not even at the good bit yet!Try typing javascript:alert(document.cookie) hmm interesting!Hmm That AuthId is interesting aint it?It couldnt possibly stand for authorisation id...Or could it??Well hmm i wonder what we can do!

In administrator.txt we found some interesting info(yes i changed the info so stop being so lazy)

password = pass


AuthID: authid

So lets use it :D
Lets up our AUTHorisation :D
So we know how to do a javascript command and what not through our browser so lets do it:

So basicaly what we are saying is that in that cookie change the AuthID bit to this,Yes i know rather simple but it works....Now what page is the price on??Well that means its probably best to do it on that page but i dont think that software is real anyways so its probably not worth more than a dollar!

And ennjoy the 35 points,Sorry it was so long but this is how i learn best and if you dont like it dont read it :) .And if you do like it please rate it and leave comments!(motivation to do more)
Shouts: , The Flash and BobbyB ,n3wtyp3 and tmc :)


sakarinon June 12 2006 - 00:16:52
i hope the delete this. there were already articles for this
S25on June 12 2006 - 11:44:28
Diversity is a great thing i was just showing my point on things...Ever been stuck on an a mission?I have and i have read lots of posts in the forums and everywhere what about when you understand how to do the mission but it doesnt seem to be working?Then articles like this can be realy handy.I dont see the problem.
ducky16000on July 30 2006 - 20:23:19
ya I really liked how in depth this was.
imask8erhackon November 07 2006 - 02:18:27
wow this is the greatest tut i've ever read thanks.
h3xusron November 08 2006 - 20:08:08
Thanks. I like you gain understanding from being shown.
laverdadon November 08 2006 - 22:12:29
Thanx excellent not 2 much not 2 less just right
ghostking17on January 27 2007 - 17:31:29
thanks so much man this is how i learn to, by step by step v=cuz it sticks in my head. Grin
pacmanon February 07 2007 - 08:53:57
thx muchSmile helped a bit more than the others did...
TotcoSon February 22 2007 - 07:02:48
the password for administrator is in some strange hash and i cant figure out how to crack it. ive used cain but i cant crack it.
TotcoSon February 22 2007 - 07:10:27
god im dumb. ive been trying to crack the password hash. lmfao all you had to do was go to toys.php with the cookies there. ha. this was easy. oh and really nice article buddy
S25on March 05 2007 - 23:56:19
Thank you all for you're praise and approval it makes it worthwhile. I run a site I hope to fill it with similar info Smile
7cson June 11 2007 - 00:12:10
why did this challenge change?
The_Clericon July 31 2007 - 21:17:03
i must be stupid because i cant get it. i took the javascript injection and put it into the browser javascript:void(docu<i></i>ment.cookie="AuthID=authid"Wink; and it didnt do anything just sat there. im signed in as johndoe, and im stuck. help?
S25on August 21 2007 - 17:47:51
Remove the <i></i>
Ice-Ton September 01 2007 - 17:51:23
where the hell is administrator.txt I cant find it
8-biton September 11 2007 - 21:15:41
dont forget to metion that johndoe is case sensitive cuz i spent forever trying to login as Johndoe >.> good article though really loved it
jacobcapraon April 19 2008 - 23:14:10
if anyone could explain how to get to administrator.txt or why this JavaScript injection doesn't work: javascript:void(document.cookie="AuthID=*******"Wink; i would really appreciate it and if you could pm me i'd fall in love with youGrin
jacobcapraon April 19 2008 - 23:21:10
if anyone could explain how to get to administrator.txt or why this JavaScript injection doesn't work: javascript:void(document.cookie="AuthID=*******"Wink; i would really appreciate it and if you could pm me i'd fall in love with youGrin
Euruson April 25 2008 - 10:10:46
i wasn't sure wat to do i found administrator.txt then thought i should try cracking but just to make sure i was on the right track i checked this. thanks alot i think this is a good in-depth articleSmile
Danjunon June 20 2008 - 14:31:35
i know everything. but i dont know java Sad can anybody tell me where to inject that java injection? if possible Smile
Infopirateon December 18 2008 - 00:54:43
u might as well hold my hand while i do this... step - by - step haha.. u rock; very easy 35 points after reading this// :ninja:
bummarketeron February 08 2009 - 04:00:30
it didn't like me making it free... or 0.01 or 0.02 or .. you get the point.. i did this to 0.86.. the i looked at the articles, ahahaha
brandonmanon February 19 2009 - 22:29:45
Excellent. *Face slap for not realizing what to do.:xx:*
t4dp0l3on December 02 2009 - 08:42:31
wow i cant believe i forgot that accursed ";" on the end!
Stonezon February 26 2010 - 00:52:34
Yeah i tried making it 0.01 at first and then it said go cheaper. Put in 0 then it said make it not free... so i made it 1.00 and it worked? Shock
Legilimenson May 09 2011 - 02:36:38
This is really helpful, but I don't know what to do after the authid part. I have the authid, but changing the authid doesn't do anything... or am I just not changing it to the right value? Or am I supposed to do something after I change the authid? I'm sorry, this is probably really simple, and I'm just not getting it.
espartaniacon July 14 2011 - 06:42:16
do we have to crack the password or am I trippin'? I can't crack it with JTR Sad
espartaniacon July 14 2011 - 06:45:28
yeah, I was tripping... just use original login (i thought i had refreshed but I hadn't.... doh) Grin
Legilimenson July 14 2011 - 20:05:06
Right, now this is for everyone else out there who's making the same stupid mistake as me- after going through this tutorial, reload the page.
Abdellahon February 16 2012 - 14:53:51
That was helping, Thx Man !!
GSmyrlison March 08 2016 - 23:52:49
thanks for help bro!Thumbs Up
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