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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Misc Tips For Phreaking

Arrow Image Miscellanious tips for new and old phreaks, keeping yourself safe.

This article covers some of the most basic safety guidelines for the average phreak. first of all, I or HBH take no responsibility in any way for what actions you may do because of this article.
1. Keeping Safe.
How NOT to get electrocuted:
-If you happen to use a standard cat3 or cat5 cable, you dont always have to use gloves unless your phucking around with an extremely large power source.
-If you find a regular plug, and for some moronic reason, you decide to use wire strippers and reveal the copper wires. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES OR YOU WILL 1. Electrocute your $self or 2. Blow a $fuse or 3. Set your $self on (\'fire\');.
How NOT to get caught.
-Every phreak knows about the beige box, so i wont explain what it does. If you beige boxed your neighbor\'s phone... DONT call:
Your House,
Cell Phone,
Your Work Number, and
The Number of Any Relatives. This will help you from getting in DEEP shit with the police.
How NOT to get your line disabled:
-When war dialing, try not to constantly (i mean CONSTANTLY) dial 1-800 or Toll free numbers. If you do this, your LSP will get suspicious and threaten to disconnect your line.
When Social Engineering:
-Fake your voice. no matter what, fake your voice even if you have a very mature sounding voice, fake it. If you happen to get in trouble, you dont want the person who called the Eph B Aye on you to easily identify you through your voice.
-Spoof your CID, dumbass. I dont give a shit how you do it.
-Never give out a friends number, relatives number, or god forbid YOUR number, unless you want to cause someone to get in trouble.
When using a Blast box:
-No matter how tempting it is, dont blast box telemarketers. God knows what info they already have or can find out about you.
-L8r Xer0X


Summericaon June 07 2005 - 01:44:48
Guess I am not the only one who has caused her home-made phone to burst into a brilliant display of flames, then.
CNS Chemiston October 20 2005 - 05:30:17
Rest assured Grin
intel17on June 15 2006 - 23:05:46
lol! Grin
repressedcrabon November 23 2006 - 10:44:47
:ninja:I like Phones:ninja:
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