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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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How to capture SCREENSHOTS of your desktop

Arrow Image Applicable to Windows XP, Linux, and MAC.

There is sometimes a need for a person to take a screenshot of their screen so that other people can troubleshoot his/her PC based on the image they see; Sometimes a screenshot is taken for the shear pleasure of having it as eye candy. Anyhow, it is a useful and powerful way to show what is going on in your desktop (even your illegal downloads from bittorent, DC++, eMule, and Limewire) to other people.

To do this, using:

a. To take a picture of the fronstmost window
press ALT+[PrintScreen]
b. To take a picture of the entire desktop,
simply press [PrintScreen]
*go to NOTE (in the bottom)

a. Pressing Alt-[PrintScreen] grabs the
frontmost window, while pressing
PrintScreen by itself grabs the entire
desktop image. You\'ll be presented with a
\"SaveAs\" dialog to save the PNG image.
b. You can also just press [PrintScreen] to
get an entire snapshot of the screen.
*go to NOTE (in the bottom)

3. MAC
a. Pressing Command + Shift + 3 creates a
PDF (or PNG in Tiger) file on your desktop
containing a capture of the whole screen.
b. Pressing Command + Shift + 4 lets you
select the area to be captured. To take a
capture of a menu or a window, press space
bar after Command + Shift + 4. To copy a
screenshot into a clipboard, hold CTRL key
when issuing the commands above.
*go to NOTE (in the bottom)

NOTE: After taking the screenshot, keep in mind
that it is stored in the clipboard... so just \"PASTE\" it to an editing program and do it what you like with it (i.e. \"SAVE\" it).


ADVICE - Go trigger happy with it, and try to save 1,000,000 snapshots to your HD (yes, it is my challenge for you!)


HopelessRomanticon June 05 2006 - 11:49:19
Funny, I thought taking a screenshot would be a lot more complex.
-The_Flash-on June 05 2006 - 17:11:05
Well written - Good article. Not that many people will need it but that is besides the point.
mozzeron June 05 2006 - 18:02:52
Errm, is this meant to be a joke? Screenshots are the stuff you learn @ primary school!
Elitest_00on June 05 2006 - 18:50:50
Well I have to say this is something you would learn pretty easily but I have friends that dont know how to take screeenshots. Besides that the directions aren't complex and are easy to understand.
AldarHawkon June 05 2006 - 19:23:27
WTF...I agree with mozzer...HOW is this an article? who would have thought that the printscreen key would actually do what it is labeled to do!? I think this is awful!Shock
Hackthis59on June 05 2006 - 19:25:12
Mozzer and Aldar you guys are my heros. Yes this would be a good article on a newbie site, for people that were learning the basics of a computer. *because yes, there was a time when we all learning this crap* but comon serisously if we all can hack a page, and the white house dontcha think we know how to get screenshots for it every step of the way?
netfishon June 05 2006 - 20:24:38
IF you guys are "too l33t" to think that this article is not worthwhile posting, then don't make the "newbs" or even more experienced computer enthusiasts feel bad about their ignorance about the PrintScreen key. Not everyone knows how to take a snapshot of their screen (on every OS, too).
Frozen Flameon June 05 2006 - 20:28:49
its all basically the same on the dif OS's tho. except the MACs
mozzeron June 05 2006 - 20:38:16
My, God I feel insulted netfish. Your think people are too ingnorant to the PS key. I recently did my ECDL, VERY basic computer course and along with copying, pasting and renaming files was PS key!!!
AbSoRbon June 05 2006 - 20:40:44
Although i knew how to take a screenshot, its well written article, and i like how you gave info for 3 different OS's Smile
6340on June 05 2006 - 22:14:40
decent article, i think pretty much the same thing as absorb just said, but yea, it IS very basic stuff. (though it took me forever to figure out what the print screen button did.) and about the "try to save 1,000,000 snapshots to your HD (yes, it is my challenge for you!)" i don't think i have enough harddrive space for that.
netfishon June 06 2006 - 00:28:58
basic or not, some people DON'T know it, so chill the fuck down with your leetism shit, cuz it's ridiculously arrogant of you.
knutraineron June 06 2006 - 05:51:12
I didnt know how it worked. I wasnt aware that it was in the clip bord so I though the damned thing didn't work. Thank you for the information.
knutraineron June 06 2006 - 05:55:03
Also mozzer we didnt all take basic computer courses. Hackthis59 I am far from even being considered a decent hacker but I can do some shit. And until recently the I didnt know how the key worked. Just because there is an absence of one piece of knowledge that is considered basic to many, doesn't mean that a person can not know anything else far more advanced.
netfishon June 06 2006 - 06:22:33
omg, knutrainer - I was trying to explain that concept to mozzer, but he wouldn't get it. Hopefully, you get through to him.
mozzeron June 06 2006 - 06:33:44
I knew it before I took taht basic course. Also, why is this an essay, what has it got to do with hacking?
willeHon June 06 2006 - 15:36:15
Aldar Hawk you can't call other people's article's. One of your recent ones - 'When you are this smart they call you MR'. That was horriffic.
SwiftNomadon June 07 2006 - 15:00:44
Some of you we're just plain blunt. Rofl!
thousandtooneon June 09 2006 - 03:42:08
Pathetic article. How to take a screenshot on Linux? That's assuming a lot- for one, that you're even using Xwindows, which is probably okay to assume, but who said that anyone's using any given X daemon or window manager?
korgon June 10 2006 - 01:54:57
I was going to shit on this article myself, If your on this site I would assume you know ALL the functions of your keyboard. But from some of the pm's I've got and shit said in the shoutbox, There is a lot of people who have no clue here. IE Someone asked how do I find HKLM I want to tweak my windows? Yeah your going to fuck with the registry but don't know where it's at. God help us all. Good article for newbies to learn.
knutraineron June 11 2006 - 00:43:27
If you are on this site you do not know all the functions on your keyboard. This is a learning site.
knutraineron June 11 2006 - 00:46:25
What I ment to say was that this is a site where people come to learn. Just because some one doesnt know all the funtions on a keyboard or even the print screen key, doesnt mean they do not have knowledge elsewhere. I agree that this is not an article and should have been posted.
intersliceon July 03 2006 - 07:43:01
i hav to agree with adarhawk. but this article could be useful for those who dont know wat the printscreen key does.... in a wierd roundabout sort of way yes it could be helpful.Grin
dw0rekon August 17 2006 - 06:54:29
man i use printscreen for everything, in games, while on a webpage, as a sticky note whatever use it like 10-20 times per day and yet i didnt know u could solo out so u only captured the window u where in by pressing alt+print screen damn i feel a bit noobie now Pfft
mr noobon February 08 2007 - 22:14:47
i understand what mozzer and aldar are saying, but whatever you may think of other members, there will always be a few people out there who are at the basics and have come to learn. theres so many articles on "sending anon email" and "XSS" but when someone doesnt know how to print screen they need to start somewhere, preferably the bottom. rated good.
revolt0163on February 27 2007 - 10:02:07
1. WINDOWS XP a. To take a picture of the fronstmost window press ALT+[PrintScreen] is wrong, it a shot of the focused window (otherwise windows that are "always on top" would get in the way)
sirus69on March 06 2007 - 08:18:20
wow your elite man, you teach how to take a SS. noob
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