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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Running Virtual Machines

Arrow Image How to surf "dangerous sites"and how to run "dangerous jobs" whitout compromise your Operating System.

In this article i hope to help anyone that wanna do dangerous jobs whitout compromise your pc.

All that you need is :

1 - Vmware or virtial pc or coLinux;
Those are programs that can create one or more virtual machines in which you later install the Operating System wanted. In few word you can create a net of varius pcs in a single machine(performances depends on your hardware).
This is also a way to learn and use linux in a windows box.
I prefer vmware becouse is more simple to install than coLinux and becouse Virtual Pc run an old video driver and so you can't run most of the linux platforms. I know however that if you wanna learn linux so coLinux is the better application to start.

Once you have a virtual machine creted you can install an OS. I personally use win xp whit vmware running linux, i've tried debian, suse, read hat, monoppix, fedora core and now i'm using the favolous knoppix-STD.

Once your virtual machine is up you can surf dangerous sites or do other dangerous operations whit it whithout the risk to compromise your win xp box. Note that exist also vmware for linux or windows emulator for linux.

Now start to play....what about if you start a server web whith your site in virtual machine and try to hack it from win xp or vice versa? This is only an can test your web application or learn to hack locally whithout internet connection.

I hope someone enjoy this article and vote it. This isn't my invenction.... i used only things that already exist....Thanks...use your imagination!!


bl4ckc4ton May 23 2006 - 16:29:20
not bad, but fix your spelling errors, I can barely read it.
staxon May 23 2006 - 22:39:59
Nice article...but, you can run a webserver locally without installing a virtual machine (EasyPHP[Win32], WAMP[Win32], LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)[Linux]) and more... But I give ou a good rating B)
SwiftNomadon May 24 2006 - 01:32:36
This is an good artical. Even though I have many VPC platforms on my laptop. You can even assign IP's to your "machine(s)". Really, really neat! Also! everything you do on this machine can be erased. So it will not merge the disc.. Like it never happened. I <3 it. You're gonna get a rating of "Good" from me.!
iamgodoffireon May 24 2006 - 04:14:15
nice, tells people some cool stuff, but a little on the short side. then again there isn't too much to say Pfft 3/5 -=Godoffire=-
Larikaon May 24 2006 - 09:39:41
Stax many programs don't run in lookup interfaces, instead in VPC as Swiftnomad say, you have many interfaces and those programs will run. Also if you wanna hack the server operating system and not only the web server service you can realize it locally whit virtuals machines. Bl4ckc4t sorry for the mistakes i'm italian and i hope to speack english better in the future. Thanks to all
dami3non June 01 2006 - 13:59:54
Hi i tried installing co linux on my pc i tried Gentoo ( or whatever its called lol ) and Debian but it never seemed to work i edited the xml file and everything seemed right but when i clicked on the colinux icon to load it up a command prompt pops up for like 2 ms and then vanishes giving me no time to read it. I also could not get the network device tcp win32 i think its called this is because im on a dlink router. Would have been nice if your article explained how to fix these but im giving you a good anyway because i found out about co linux from this and know am trying to get knoppix to work instead
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