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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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real 13

Arrow Image this doesn&*92;&*92;'t give you the awnsers but will help you a little!

Real 13 ~ NanoyMaster

Let’s look at this logically, well not logically, but it's how I did it!

Ok to start with I guess you view the source of every page! Nothing, oh well! But you must have found the forgotten your pass page. It keeps redirecting you! Oh no! just keep rapidly clicking stop once the page has loaded the numbers and you will bypass that.
So you type in that number and what do you get... some encrypted text, so do this a few times, then whip out your copy of C&A and get cracking. You should now realise that these are all crap!

Just find where the images are stored, get the hash's for each one and crack em'

Ok, so you got to insert the found usernames and pass's and you find that you need one more piece of information. The "User Identification" ok well try to guess it, break it whatever... no luck well I hope you read the following lines:
"For more information please use the password recovery tool provided to you."
"For more information please use our User Recovery program provided on all systems."

Read the second one EXTREMLY carefully!!! In fact go over it with a fine toothed comb

You should now have what is needed for the next part.
So you have tried usernames and passes in it, and they didn't work, I did this by cracking the program,
*cough*visual basic program*cough*

Now you know the format of the usernames, and some pass's you can use the program, type random junk and get a message about help, you should get this...
*sigh* time to get googeling *sigh*

You should now have usernames, passes and userid's
I suggest that you open notepad or VI or whatever and make a table/list of these.

Back to the login page: try to get in, then try to change current projects, you will get an error, keep logging in until you don't get the error

Change current projects: read mission briefing
Change admin pass: self explanatory
Remove the logs: If you can't work this out then you shouldn't be doing this challenge!

****Last Part****
Enter security key - Stegano, see an image that’s on every page? Simple
*hint* I had bad screen configurations and could just read the image! lol *hint*

Congrats you should now have completed the challenge


cubeman372on May 22 2006 - 07:03:57
Whooo! Nice one Nanoymaster Wink
system_meltdownon May 22 2006 - 16:02:09
I think this gives too much away
wolfmankurdon May 22 2006 - 16:05:15
this hasnt helped me :/ I still cant crack the hashs.
nanoymasteron May 22 2006 - 16:23:03
which part do you think gives too much away I will edit it, unless you say the whole thing!...Grin
system_meltdownon May 22 2006 - 16:28:58
Lol, I dunno really I think when you say about removing the logs, you should let them figure out how to clear them
nanoymasteron May 22 2006 - 16:34:29
*edited it*
system_meltdownon May 22 2006 - 19:02:56
Cool, pretty good article mate Smile
chislamon May 23 2006 - 21:50:27
everytime i enter in the image key for forgetinng your passwd, it always says "Sorry you did not enter your recovery key!" instead of givin me the encrypted text like you says it does Sad
thk-geoon May 28 2006 - 02:05:03
Great article but you should really fix your screen configurations lol. *Very Good* Pfft
-The_Flash-on July 11 2006 - 02:55:26
Brilliant article. Seems straight forward, might give it a try! xD
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