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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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JavaScript 8 to 13

Arrow Image Article on JS 8 - 13 by system_meltdown, may contain spoilers.

Ok, I wrote the follow up to my other article, this one is on js 8 - 13! Enjoy.
This article may also contain spoilers and stuff.

_JavaScript 8_
Alright, this challenge is also superly retarded, like before, check the source and find the script, you should notice that it voids a cookie called secret, hmmm, what are secrets good for? Passwords! You should be able to recognise this form of encoding, yep it's hex again! So back to the hex decoder we go, now once it's decoded you should notice it don't look right, you may be thinking "It's just a bunch of symbols!", you are right in one perspective, but wrong in the other, these symbols are indeed useful. Try and enter the decoded text into the box and see what happens, you may think nothing happens at all, once again you are wrong! Check your cookies, and you should notice somthing NEW, this time we don't need to decrypt it, we just need to enter it into the box and collect our points!

_JavaScript 9_
Ok this one can be done many different ways, I'll try and explain each way. The first way is you could wait until the timer is finished and go and watch TV, or leave it on over night, but in my eyes, this doesn't count as hacking it, it counts as being lazy. Another way is to javascript inject the variable that counts and make it count down from 1 second instead of 35200 seconds. The final way, is the way I did it, view the source, save the page to your HDD, decode the hex to get the form, move the form out of the script, and make the script alert the pass, then you can edit the form to make it post to hbh and get your points!

_JavaScript 10_
This challenge was made by me and basically is just a sum, you have to work out the character codes and then find the password from there. With this one you can just initialize the variables and alert the password variable. Simple.

_JavaScript 11_
This challenge was also made by me, it's very self-explanitory, like before this works on character codes, this one can also be beaten the same way as js10. This one has a lot of random words and stuff in there, that's just basically to throw you off. There's not really a lot I can say about this challenge, as I think you should be able to get it.

_JavaScript 12_
Hooray, almost there, this challenge was written by my good friend AldarHawk, this is also math-orientated, and is fairly simple. If you are some kind of mathmatical expert or something and you enjoy maths, you could work this sum out, but if you don't have the time or whatever, just alert the pass and get your points.

_JavaScript 13_
Here we go, the last javascript challenge here! Hehe this one is quite possibly one of the easiest js challenges here, it's one of the ones that's always got to be on a hacking site, sort of like an essential. This challenge is supposed to teach you about manipulating cookies, so first, check your cookies and see which one we should altar. You should know what one it is. Then you just have to js inject the cookie and void the original value to the one that you want it to be. Now you have completed them :)

There you go, I've now covered the JS challenges, please rate and comment on this.


the_flashon May 16 2006 - 20:58:55
Bingo. Well done system
LiveFastDieFunon May 16 2006 - 21:01:12
Another great article.
system_meltdownon May 16 2006 - 21:24:43
Thanks Smile
system_meltdownon May 19 2006 - 17:53:12
hehe, you made a smily face!!! Lol, I dunno what's with the underscores, they are used as emphasis on words, but I just thought it looked good Smile
intersliceon June 24 2006 - 00:26:56
nice one system_meltdown.
istand1337on May 01 2007 - 06:21:07
I noticed that alerting the pass worked on almost all of these last ones... I did 13 by hand for fun (well... notepad. Who has paper and pencil these days?)
K-eNtiNon May 07 2007 - 17:24:29
a very (perfect??!!) article ... thanks to you you system !!:happy:
K-eNtiNon May 07 2007 - 17:24:55
A very good (perfect??!!) article ... thanks to you you system !!:happy:
Jimstron March 22 2008 - 14:42:38
rofl at JavascriptGrinisplay
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