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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Steal zoom modem user's isp username and pw!

Arrow Image Yes... it really is possible, and very easy, i stumbled upon it when i had a zoom modem

Ik first of all, this is my first article... and second of all, i am not advising you to do this blah blah dont blame me if u get caught and third of all, if your usign a zoom modem then stop!!!.

ok i tried this on the adsl x4 model

first find some1 u know who has a zoom adsl modem, you need their ip address... get this however you can, alternatively you could keep trying different ip addresses to see if the person is using a zoom modem...

ok, youll need to get the driver of the modem and install it on ur pc, search google for it... should b easy to get, you need this so your pc can use the control panel

now its simple, open up firefox and type http://thepersonsipaddress
in the address bar... obviously replace thepersonsipaddress with the actually ip address, nto the actually ip address beign what to replace it with but replace it with the ip addre... well anyway, you get it. now you should get a dialogue box asking for the username and pw, zoom is nooby and they dont let u change the username or password, so just type admin as the username and zoomadsl as the password, now your into the control panel!!! the password will b all *ed out so use javascript to alert the value of the field... i cant remember exactly how o do that, but there are articles on it goin around... now you have their password!!!!! and the username caus its in the username box, u can change it to whatever and mess up thier connection untill they fix it.....
you CAN, doesnt mean u should... and ehm.. dont do this caus its illegal lalalalalala blah blah..

ps.. i doubt that will work at all but i got it to work once on my own modem and once on someone elses


Black mage2021on May 12 2006 - 01:20:09
Check your spelling.
Xer0Xon May 12 2006 - 17:30:04
You people who put disclaimers in your crappy articles realize that there is already an umbrella disclaimer, right? (umbrella disclaimer= disclaimer that applies to everything on the website, unless otherwise noted.)
bozeboon May 23 2006 - 12:52:37
i posted it other places too... cant fix the spelling lol and its not really important
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