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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Basic 8

Arrow Image A brief tutorial on baisc 8, may contain spoilers. I decided to write this as it seems a lot of people struggle with this challange.

Right, i have recently beaten this level and i decided to share my knowledge of this challange. This is my first ever article so please bare with me.

Right to start with on the first page nothing is needed to be done just submit any thing as the password and you will be presented with an SQL Query Error, this sql query error is very inportant as it shows you the query you need to use, but not all of the query is required. ( Alot of people make the mistake of entering it in the text box this is inncorrect, think were as you could enter this information)

If you veiw the source on the Secure-area.php theres another clue which is vital staring at you. This clue is left in a comment form. This clue in the comment needs to be enterd with the SQL Query also.

Now its down to you really were to enter the SQL query think about it. AND NO ITS NOT IN THE TEXT BOX ITS NOT EVEN ON THAT PAGE DO IT IN THE SECURE AREA. Also another common mistake is taking the spaces out of the query and not having the correct parts captilised.

Good Luck.


system_meltdownon May 06 2006 - 20:31:35
Good, straight forward article
godon May 09 2006 - 18:43:50
nice one Smile
I-O-W-Aon February 18 2007 - 00:02:26
Nice Artical Dude
chaunchothenachoon May 24 2007 - 02:58:18
great article it helped me out a lot
KingGumon October 28 2007 - 09:27:25
Rad article man
KingGumon October 28 2007 - 09:28:28
and im no longer a newbie!!!!
zerodothackeron December 15 2007 - 19:05:16
hey.. do you think you could pm me and maybe explain in a little more detail. i've read everything i can find about it, and i just cant figure it out... it's cool if cant tho, i was just wondering
COD3on February 05 2008 - 16:37:15
Good article man
inertialfateon March 10 2008 - 19:49:18
Cool Article, real laugh that its the case that turned this into a 90 minute task!
jacobcapraon April 27 2008 - 17:13:32
ok so i got all the stuff to get i just don't know how to put it in the secure-area page... i've tried after the URL but it brings me to a "wrong sql query" page.:angry:
pheonixace_7on March 14 2009 - 20:33:31
I would just like to say thank you for this post. This challenge gave me quite the headache. The parts in particular that threw me off and the line of yours that helped were: "Also another common mistake is taking the spaces out of the query and not having the correct parts captilised." Turns out I had the right idea and even the right calls, but I was butchering the syntax. Thanks again!
Deagoron May 05 2012 - 13:49:55
Turns out all i needed was that comment thx alot man Smile
Skid Switchbladeon October 03 2013 - 02:11:50
God I am so stuck on this one.... any further help or clues would be greatly appreciated...Angry
suomynonaon February 18 2014 - 09:10:35
if you can, could you please pm me in more detail? i have to say this one really has me stumped. any help would be deeply helpful. Grin thanks.
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