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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Rooting challenge 1

Arrow Image A tutorial on Rooting Challenge 1, with hopefully minimal spoilers.


A dangerous hacker called ezekiel has been on rampage destroying hundreds of sites. Help stop his destruction by aiding us get his password.
We know he is running linux so the password file is in the normal spot, but we just cant find any way to root him.
We got his IP: Now you need to do the rest. Thanks again.
Your goal is to get the password on Ezekiel's box.
Type help to get the commands you can use.
you have: help, telnet, ftp, and nmap

I would start with nmap, just type nmap "ip" (without the quotes) and you will see open ports.
From here, you should know how to connect. If not, then try out the commands you can use.

Most of you know the normal directory of the passwd file is /etc/

You start out in /home/Ezekiel, so what do we want to do? Change the directory. Remember that you want to get to the passwd file. The command to change directory is cd

Figure out how to get to the /etc/ folder. Some of you know about the cat command and its ability to let you read text in a file.


the_flashon April 25 2006 - 17:33:14
I completed this last night and i thought your article was a little low on help, but perfect to be pushed in the right direction. A very good concept for an article imhoSmile
pr1nc3on April 25 2006 - 17:43:23
what's the login USER + PASS... cuz it requires both, to login to the ftp server.
tashfordon April 25 2006 - 17:44:52
ur meant to post comments! ye and i agree with the_flashSmile
wolfmankurdon April 25 2006 - 17:52:22
WAY TOO MUCH HELP ut all in the wrong places, I think peoples main problems are the fact that the commands in the challenge are wrong.
bl4ckc4ton April 25 2006 - 17:57:33
pr1nc3, your not supposed to root his REAL box, just the simulated one provided..
pr1nc3on April 25 2006 - 18:03:26
i know.. but how do I run the "root1" on my linux box?
wolfmankurdon April 25 2006 - 18:29:08
in konsole: su (maybe) chmod a+x root1 ./root1
AldarHawkon April 25 2006 - 19:07:23
I just want to say that CAT is NOT a real FTP command. the true command should have been get <file> "| more" to view the file in an FTP environment. Now if you did it as SSH I would have agreed with CAT.
godon April 25 2006 - 19:10:44
yep aldar is right.. i wasnt getting it either but he helped me Smile and btw hehe the ratings look like a middle fingerPfft
cubeman372on April 25 2006 - 21:14:08
I think it was a generally misleading challenge Love the idea though.
NoSpIon April 25 2006 - 23:41:51
i did the challenge easy because i didnt know you couldnt use cat in ftp Pfft took me about 2 minutes. See, sometimes is pays to not know as much as others.
pr1nc3on April 26 2006 - 00:10:43
I did the challenge the lazy way. It took me 30 seconds to do it (I swear). I just looked into the source w/ notepad... *always look at the source!
6340on April 27 2006 - 00:45:34
good article...and lmao god ur does look like the finger!!XD
AldarHawkon May 02 2006 - 15:08:05
and the finger grows Pfft was a well written program but I would have prefered a more realistic root. But that is just me B)
merciless_bugon July 09 2006 - 22:17:51
can't get the linux version to run... says permission denied or just doesn't do anything...
Tsakoon August 03 2006 - 18:52:49
everytime i try any command on the ftp it closes the connection, and the telnet doesnt work
CyberGeekon August 08 2006 - 18:00:38
Good Nice Little Article! Grin:ninja:
Zer0Manon January 28 2007 - 23:42:37
Helpful article, pushed me in right direction.
TotcoSon February 25 2007 - 20:53:29
[email protected]:~$ nmap ftp>open (to) 200-Welcome to Ezekiels FTP Server... 200- Current directory: /home/ezekiel ftp>[any command] [/anydirectory] Connection Lost..ftp> what am i doing wrong?
archangelon March 28 2007 - 09:39:35
connection lost with every command Sad
t0xikc0mputeron February 14 2011 - 00:27:55
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