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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Busy Box

Arrow Image The Busy Box is one of the easiest things to make for Phreaking purposes...yet there are no articles...EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE!!


First article...So Of course it\'s gonna suck.

How to build a BusyBox...


You will need:
1--9V battery
1--Telephone Cord(the one that hooks up to the jack, not the one that goes from the base to reciever)
You could also use a 9V snap, it makes it easier, but is not completely necessary.
You may also need scissors or wirecutters, and/or wirestrippers.

Building Instructions

First, you\'re going to want to cut the phone cord in half...or smaller...but to a decent size where you have the plastic part that plugs into the jack, and enough wire to connect it to something.

Strip down the outer plastic coating. Inside, you should see either 2 wires, or 4 wires, depending on how expensive the phone cord u used was. The amount of cords varies, depending on how many lines the phone has. You only need 2 wires, a red one and a green one. If there are 4, you\'d get rid of the black and the yellow ones. Actually, I just had an idea. If you DON\'T get rid of the black and yellow ones, grab another battery and 9V snap. Maybe it can be adapted so both lines are busy...*Note*That was just an idea. I haven\'t done that, so if it doesnt work, that\'s not my problem...but if it does...yeah u know what, nvm.
Back to the Single-line busybox. Okay. So you have part of the outer plastic stripped off, right? You\'ll notice that the wires inside are insulated as well, so strip down the coloured insulation on the two wires. Only strip down as much as you need. Okay, so if you\'re using the 9V Snaps, then you\'d attach the red wire from the phone cord to the red wire on the snap, and the green wire from the phone cord to the black wire on the snap. It would stay together best if it was soldered, but I didn\'t bother soldering it because I had electrical tape with me...and I had already inhaled enough poison lead fumes. So either solder or tape it together. If you used snaps, you can connect it to the battery, and there you have your BusyBox. If you didn\'t, connect the wires to the terminals of the batteries. (I think) the red connects to the positive terminal, and the green connects to the negative. I\'d double-check that if I were you, though.


Now that you have your busybox, what are you going to do with it? Plug it in, of course! Find a phone jack. Any random one. Plug the busybox into the jack. If you pick up the phone, you should not hear the dial tone. Instead, you should hear silence, possibly hear the operator faintly in the background. If you don\'t, you probably have either bad wiring or a dead battery. Maybe if you used tape the wiring wouldn\'t be great...


The busybox is designed to make a phoneline busy. It\'s not illegal, but it is very annoying. I guess this would work best on somewhere without multiple lines...unless the multi-line busybox ends up which case, it would work there.


The busybox could be adapted for different situations. The first busybox I built did not include a 9V battery. We taped together a bunch of AA batteries(4 of them I think)*Note*If you\'re going to use this, make sure all the negative terminals are on one side, and all the positives on the other.* Make sure the positive wire touches all the positive terminals, and the negative wire touches all the negative terminals.
Another variation would be the multi-line busybox, which I have not yet built and tested. If you do end up trying that one, let me know how it turned out.

Time: Takes about 5 minutes to build this...If you\'re not like me, trying to strip wires with knives and end up cutting chunks out of your which case, have a box of bandaids nearby.

Have Fun. Makes a great practical joke...Especially on a school or somewhere where people frequently try to call.


DragonNinjaon March 29 2006 - 10:26:14
Great read. It's hackertexts like this one I miss in todays scene. You should post it on - should fit right in.
insane_phreakon March 29 2006 - 23:51:47
what the hell this is just like the one I wrote on hbh that I never saw on here even ask frozen flame
6340on March 30 2006 - 00:34:48
lol thx dragonninja, but they have busybox stuff on textfiles, so it's hardly needed. and woah hacking_noob that's weird...I SWEAR I WROTE THIS ON MY OWN THO!!(just clearing that up)
Sahmon March 30 2006 - 02:04:23
Cice caity, im proud of you lil' feller (lol). This site needs more phreaking articles as they dont have many currently.
6340on March 30 2006 - 21:35:18
yeah i agree.
system_meltdownon April 17 2006 - 01:52:06
Nice article Smile
thk-h3xon April 17 2006 - 15:49:16
Yes, nice one!
6340on May 03 2006 - 21:40:04
thanks everyone
evilapproacheson May 12 2006 - 20:04:44
someone correct me if im not mistaken but im pretty sure you can make a busy box with a telephone line splitter ( i think thats what its called) and a phone line, but yah good tutorial i didnt know it could be done like that.
HopelessRomanticon May 22 2006 - 02:19:33
I liked this, I'm about to go try it too...
AbSoRbon June 11 2006 - 03:09:08
Great artucle, im gonna start learning about phreaking and this'll proably be the first thing i try Smile
repressedcrabon November 23 2006 - 10:38:39
more phreaking:ninja::ninja::ninja:
Intocksifyon February 24 2007 - 06:27:47
muahahaha I just did it. Great article!!!! ^^
ThorsDecreeon July 13 2007 - 05:54:04
I'm gonna do that see how long it takes for my dad to realize I've screwed something up Pfft He's scared of me when I type fast Shock so this will be a bit different haha
emiton September 06 2007 - 05:56:14
I don't see what the point of putting a battery on the line would be. You can tie up the line simply by shorting out the red/green or yellow/black for the second line. just strip the phone cord insulation and then strip the insulation on the individual wires then twist all the exposed copper together.
hippie13on July 31 2008 - 19:12:09
good article. worked great! i realized, though, that the red/green wires are for line 1, which isn't used at my house that much, so next time i'ma try the black/yellow combo. and another thing i realized is that the battery gets really hot, so watch were you put it (don't start a fire!). evilapproaches had a good point. since my house has two lines, we have line splitters on a lot of our phones, so someone should try the splitter and let me know if it works! lots o fun!Grin
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