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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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"Netstat" Displaying Internet Connections Using

Arrow Image Displaying Internet Connections Using Netstat

Displaying Internet Connections Using Netstat

Netstat is a network diagnostic program you can use for any TCP/IP connection--Internet connections or LANs. You can run Netstat to see which computers your computer is connected to over the Internet--not the ISP to which you dial in, but other Internet hosts to or from which you are transferring information.

To run Netstat, open a Command Prompt window by choosing Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt. Then type the following:


When you press ENTER, you see a listing of the Internet connections currently running, like this:

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

TCP inspiron7000:4683 ESTABLISHED

TCP inspiron7000:4684 SYN_SENT

TCP inspiron7000:4687 TIME_WAIT

TCP inspiron7000:4689 ESTABLISHED

TCP inspiron7000:4690 SYN_SENT

TCP inspiron7000:4431 ESTABLISHED

This listing shows that the computer is connected to other computers for receiving Web pages (the 80 or http at the end of the address signifies the port commonly used for Web page retrieval), for file transfer (ftp), for sending mail (smtp), for receiving mail (pop3), and for instant messaging.

tip To see a listing of all the command-line options for the Netstat program, type netstat /h at the DOS prompt.


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