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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Basic 1 and 2

Arrow Image Just a little help for anyone who needs it.


Well, this is probably the easiest mission ever. What you do is just take a quick look into the pages source. Scroll around till you see the words printed on the page. Next to that you'll see a clue and thats the pass.


Ok, this is a little harder, but don't let it fool you. What you do is take a look into the source again, and where you see the words printed on the iframe, just scroll a little to the right and you'll see a piece of the link. Add that piece to the link in your url, and there you go.

I'll work on some more of the tutorials if they help...

<span class="small">Submitted by GhostlyHacker on December 18 2004 - 22:38:29</span>


daniel11uson September 27 2006 - 00:45:33
dude this acually helped thanks...
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