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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Reality Vs. Fantasy: An ongoing war within ourselves.

Arrow Image This is the second article I've written. this deals with the way we perceive things on a daily basis, and what we determine is real, and what is fantasy.

Has anyone here ever \"Dropped Acid\"? If so, you know what it\'s like, and may understand a BIT of what I\'m going to talk about.

This all started one day when I decided to go out with a friend of mine, to possibly go drinking/smoke weed. We had met up, pooled our funds, and called up one of my \"connections\", a man named Kevin. (no, not Mitnick. :D ) My friend Chris informed me that Kevin had gotten some Acid, (LSD) and was wondering if we wanted any.
Being the impulsive person, I went nuts and told him to get it, on account of the fact that for the past three months, we had been looking for Psylocibe (sp) mushrooms, but to no avail.

The waiting began, until we were greeted by the Emerald green Escort wagon. Chris walked over, got our stuff, and we proceeded to walk up into a Farmer\'s field.

After about ten minutes of calming down, and trying to meditate, I placed the blotting paper on my tongue and sat back down, the countown to \"Tripping out\" was now on. There we were, two dumb kids with hallucinogenic drugs on a chilly November afternoon, with nothing better to do.

after about half an hour, I felt somehow different, the sky seemed brighter, as if time was going slower/backwards. Not caring, we continued onward to Lantz, a small community not far from my house. The \"Adventure\" to Lantz was the weirdest forty-five minutes of my life. I distinctly remember seeing a purple Pontiac Sunfire FLY past me, complete with a group of people hanging out of every window possible. I can\'t remember this very clearly, but I knew I was high, but I wasn\'t sure if this had just happened...

I turned to chris, laughing, and asked what the _FUCK_ just happened, and he just replied with a grunt and an \"I don\'t know.\" now whether or not that sunfire DID drive by, is still a question I ask myself every time I reminisce about the \"Good old days\" Filled with drinking on work-nights, buying large quantities of marijuana, and just acting like stupid kids. Since the Acid, Chris has \"Straightened out\" But I haven\'t talked to him/seen him in over four months.

That night was filled with lots of other weird experiences, but I\'ll just get to my point, which is... Can your Brain percieve things differently because it WANTS to? Or is this all subconcious? (sp)

I was sitting in chemistry class one day, just doing my work, when I noticed I wasn\'t feeling quite right. Not BAD, but just not... right. I layed my head on the desk, closed my eyes, and was treated to VERY bright blue and red flashes. I opened my eyes, to see no one in my general vicinity with lights of any sort, and went to go get a drink. This was three weeks after I did LSD, and I\'m POSITIVE it wasn\'t a flashback, because I hadn\'t seen any queerly-colored lights while ON it.

What was the meaning of this? I SURELY don\'t believe in God, or the Afterlife, so this problem confused me. Still to this day I\'m not quite sure what exactly happened, but I\'m pretty sure it was something that DID happen. I may be delusional/crazy, but another thing that irks me on a near-daily basis is the fact that maybe NOTHING is real...? Maybe this life is all the figment of someone\'s imagination? Not to sound like a big NERD, but something like this was mentioned in the Matrix. (The part where Apoc was talking about the Steak.) But that doesn\'t pertain to what I\'M talking about.

So, what IS real? Is REAL definable? How can you tell if something IS real? sure, you can use all your five (or six, if you\'re that kid from that movie. :D) senses to establish reality of an object, person, place, whatever, but your senses are all connected to your brain, and your senses are just a relay FOR your brain, so what if your brain decided to for some reason, change the way something tastes/smells/feels/looks? What would happen then? Or would you just end up in a Mental Institution for your slight issue?

I hope this gives everyone something to think about, and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is fine by me, just no flames, please! :D


noshyon June 25 2008 - 19:27:25
This is really interesting. Definatly the most interesting thing I have read today. It brings your questions to irk me too. Imagin what would happen if lets say salmon for example started to taste like beef. This wouldn't just be a small problem, it would completly mess you up! Your mind has suddenly changed a taste so that would either throw your brain into some sort of overload trying to work out what happened or you wouldnt know any different due to the fact that your mind has changed the taste. I now believe that it is totally plausable to imagin something that to you is "real". If all my sences tell my mind it is there then it must be there right? Or maybe not! So how can we tell if anythings real? Because those around us can confirm it? But then whats to say they're real? More importantly whats going to happen to us now we have posted this? Are we going to be carted off to mental asylums? The question also arises that whats to say we're not imagined just managed to break the mould? Or whats to say we even broke the mould? Maybe the imaginer imagined us to know that hes imagining (Yes, I know that makes no sence but it does to me!) So now who is the imaginer? Maybe other imagined beings in the past where given this knowledge and they spread the word. The imaginer then became God. But that in its self brings up the question with polytheistic and monotheistic religions. Is there one God or are there infact multiple imaginers? Thats all from me seeing as those blokes in the white coats have come to take me away on the short busWink Hope this arises more contemplation
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