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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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My Theory of Life.

Arrow Image A piece of writing I decided to throw together about stuff floating through my mind.

Well, to begin, I am only 17. I haven't even been through a QUARTER of my life, (or so I hope.) and already I have had the chance to do some pretty cool stuff. some people say I'm mature for my age, but I just tell them that i'm just different, I've had to endure my share of problems.

When I say ''Problems'' some people would tend to think that I'm talking about "girl problems" right? I AM seventeen...

No, I'm talking about the death of my Mom. Last September, she passed away at age 49, of a combination of ovarian and stomach Cancer. It was a rough time, from the Diagnosis, through the Chemotherapy, and from the Funeral until now. My Mother was an AMAZING woman, she'd do anything to make somebody laugh, and was a nice person and all, but to me, that's where the positive traits ended.

My parents were married for 27 years, and throughout the past six of those, my house was filled with the screams and growls of an argumentative set of people, who were constantly at one another's throats.

**I'll take a second to explain something. I KNOW i'm not the worst off in the world, so I'm not making myself out to be. I have it a HELL of a lot better than a lot of people, but everyone has their shit they have to go through, and this is mine, so hush. :D **

Anyway, back to the story. My Mom was in the process of an affair, and my Dad was taking it really hard. I was ten years old, and my bastard of a Father decided he could try to keep a loved one by threatening my mom with a Winchester .30-.30. The sight of your own Father pointing a loaded firearm at the woman who bore you is a traumatizing vision, forever engraved into my memory.

My Mother DID in fact leave us, but she only went a province away, so it wasn't like she lost CONTACT with me, but I still built up complete resentment toward this woman for leaving me behind with a man that I loathed since the day I was concieved.

This resentment STILL lingers within me, and now that I am seventeen, I half-understand what her motives for seeing another man were. But as the relationship with my Father gets worse, so does the fact that if I don't do something ABOUT it, I won't have a very good life. To me, my Father isn't a Father at all, just a man... In my way.

Now let me get to my Theory, I've bored you all with my frivilous HALF life story.

You see, when people are born, they possess half the Mother's and half the Father's chromosomes. I can't remember the number, but pfft. Anyway, if these Chromosomes are recieved from BOTH parents, wouldn't you think that the child would produce personality traits from said parents?

I do not look like my Father, I have my Mother's eyes, but I posess the personality of neither...

does this mean that maybe children don't recieve MENTAL abilities and such from their parents? Or are things like IQ and such written into the DNA? both of MY parents never completed High School, let alone the whole SIDE of my Dad's family, but strangely enough, I am intelligent enough to not have any support from either, but still be able to write at a higher grade level than anyone in my Grade. Maybe my school is just illiterate? No, in fact, a lot of the kids in my school recieve scholarships, but I'm DEFINITELY not heading down that road. :D

All in all, to summarize what I have said, "Do children's chromosomes REALLY equate to what their behavior is like?" (and I'm not touching on disorders/defects/disabilities, even though they intertwine with Chromosomes.)

Even though this may seem like "Garbage" to you, I put some thought into it, and I hope you SORT of enjoyed reading it! ^_^


Xeroon March 09 2006 - 23:38:28
What you learn at school isn't "added to your DNA." Therefore, when their chromosones are passed on, their intelligence doesn't go with it. Think about if it would. We would have memories and knowledge of the very beginning of the human race, wouldn't we? Wink However, I do believe that say your dad had a natural ability to think things out well. That trait may be passed on. Or like, the capability of having a 'photographic memory.'
Haykuroon March 10 2006 - 01:06:11
I beleave it works like this, DNA controls memory, sight, and hearing, thats it. It controls your mental capabilities, learning and understanding and filling urself with knowledge is ur task in life. My parents both wear glasses, and i started wearing glasses around the same age as them, so im guessing sight goes with u. Hearing also must be effected if sight is effected, not 100% sure on that.
s3r1alon March 10 2006 - 01:37:29
I think that your expirience is what defines you... Expirience, nothing else; when we are born our brain is still "empty", then we write the code for our mind through our expirience... That makes every living being unique... Physical atributes are defined by your DNA, but the mind forms on its own...
godon March 10 2006 - 07:35:18
well how you think isnt metaphysical, your brain does it, so genetics determine the structure of your brain, so they might interfere in wether u'll be ***smart*** or not, for instance, people with more ZINC in their brain think faster, its an electric conductor and makes things faster and easier(proven fact) and the concentration of zinc in ur brain is determined by ur genetic code..
knutraineron March 10 2006 - 07:55:13
Nature VS. Nuture.
knutraineron March 10 2006 - 07:55:55
Where is your theory?
godon March 10 2006 - 09:00:02
**but I posess the personality of neither...** i think thats his theory ? maybe Pfft
AldarHawkon March 10 2006 - 13:28:04
From my experience in life (nearing a quarter century) ones own destiny is in their own hands. It matters not what your parents have done mentally. Only Physical traits can be passed on through DNA. Eye Sight, Strength, Body Type, etc... ARE effected via DNA but NOT your intellect. If you choose to put your thoughts to one subject and your parents pushed another then you chose your path you take it and you succeed. Just because your parents drop out of high school does not mean you are going to. it is all in how you act upon any one said instance with yourself. Am I rambling? I think so...Well I hope you get SOMETHING out of this mess of words I put together. Wink
wolfmankurdon March 10 2006 - 20:53:26
Is he saying stuff gets put in your DNA or your DNA dictates your traits?
t3h_unf0rg1v3non March 10 2006 - 22:16:04
well, my theory per se was basically "Can your DNA dictate your mental abilities, or maybe even the way your brain processes information?" and thanks for the comments so far, guys.
hmcq6on March 12 2006 - 01:25:39
im sry to hear about that... ive personaly had a pretty good life... but down to the point alot of the time things wont be passed down from parents... for instance if to "midgits" have a child there a 75% chance that the child will be normal sized very rarely dose the child turn out to be a "midgit" to anyone who is infact a "little person" or a "midgit" im sorry if i offended you
element_jonoon October 13 2006 - 23:08:35
yo dude, you should consider reading up on some philosophical texts, because to me you seem like someone who would benifit from the rationale and open minded subject of philosophy - i know i did. On your theory of life, id say experience from the day you are born shapes how you think and how you act in life . Perhaps begin you are given a vague set of traits which have many different results in your personalitiy depending on how you have experienced and been affect by all that you have seen through your life. Basically a thought u could mabye give some time to is that each person life experience is unique, thus making them unique. yeah so philosophy, RULES
element_jonoon October 13 2006 - 23:10:08
i miss out words sue me
Maverick_zeron November 15 2007 - 17:12:06
This is a sort of... complicated subject. A person's intelligence and personality are product of their genetic pool (parents) AND through their upbringing. I would rather not spend paragraph upon paragraph explaining the research that has already been done, but if you care to learn more about personalities: look up type temperaments and type logic/ personality classification. Your personality type is directly linked to your parents, and it may be seemingly random for child C of parents A and B to be nothing really like parent A nor parent B, C can be a combination of parts of A and B, without tending to be mostly like one or the other. But a personality is not limited to genetics, behavior and thought can be molded through your childhood... This is sort of like the nature vs nurture debate, you can look that up too if you'd like. But as far as intelligence: you say neither of your parents went beyond high school, this does not necessarily make them stupid, or less intelligent. Intelligence based on the IQ scale, is your ability to learn, and utilize information, and that is how you can have a person that knows very little, yet still be intelligent. Intelligence is not exactly the same as knowledge, they relate, but they are not equivalent. From what i have said i can see that it may seem like intelligence and personality are somewhat fixed, but they are not completely set in stone, its more... like clay, it can hold its form but studies have shown that through brain training of various types, you CAN increase intelligence, and obviously through the study of psychology it is possible for someone to alter their personality, but personality is a bit harder... I have done my research and i encourage you to do the same if you care to find your answers... I have given you some info to look up ^_^ enjoy. Its like learning to hack but easier XD *points to google*
WightBoyon September 19 2009 - 08:34:25
From the (very crappy) year 10 science course in Australia we are taught that mental abilities, habits etc are not passed down through DNA. Similar to what Maverick_zer said, Your mental abilities would come from influences from various people around you. In your case however, it looks like your influences did not come from your parents, but maybe friends? here on HBH? or TV? For example, both my parents are english teachers. My siblings, performers and english students. I can't stand english. Instead I enjoy maths and science (and do well in both). My thoughts are that these influences have come from my friends, all of which are good at maths, science and all hate english. It is 23 chromosomes you receive from either parent. Giving 46 chromosomes all together.
Mtutnidon October 18 2010 - 15:43:19
I think that in fact your personality comes from the combination of those two together. But I have many weird theories like that there is in fact no such thing as life or free will.
Mtutnidon March 26 2011 - 18:29:07
Some of your behavior is in fact from your parents genes and some of your personality too and what happens in life builds onto your personality and changes it accordingly. So you are born with a personality that is shaped by the things around you influenced by your personality. And intellect is from the combination of your parents genes. If your parents are mentally challenged you have a higher chance to be mentally challenged even if you are brought up in a good environment, but you can get clever without being born that way, but that needs work work work.
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