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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Flash 8 Animating. Step one

Arrow Image This will teach you how to animate using Flash 8.
Step one

Step one: Making a ball move using motion tweening.
Motion tweening is the stage between a movement, for example
The '-' are the 'tweened' parts
All you would need to do, is have a ball in place of '|' then further down the timeline, another '|'
instead of drawing the ball step by step, it does it for you.
This is how you do it....
Select Flash docu<i></i>ment
Now you should have your timeline at the top, colour mixer and libary to the right and tools on the left.
oh, and a blank page in the middle! ^^
Now select the Oval tool, (above the pencil) and draw it onto the page just like you would on paint, Preferably in a corner.

NOTE: Timeline:- imagine the timeline as a flick-pad. If you want something to move quickly, you would put it on the next frame. If you want it
to move slower then you move the frame further down the line.

NOTE: Do you know the flip-books that cartoonists used to use... they would draw a face on one
page, and continuing on through pages gradually changing the expres<i></i>sion. Thats what keyframes are like. Using Motion Tween, you draw
the first and last expres<i></i>sion, leaving macromedia to fill in the gaps! ^^
<! Thats what we ALL paid £400 right!? >

Right click on the timeline the frame you want the end position for the ball - a nice number is frame 50.
Select 'Insert Keyframe'
now you should have your frame, and it will have a black dot in the middle.

NOTE: just becuase you are doing a ball, the circle does not represent that, it is just a symbol!

If you look, the ball is currently highlighted - drag the ball to the opposite corner of the page.

Now right click on the keyframe before the one you selected, (it is a small rectangle) and select 'Create Motion Tween'.

What you have now done, is told the timeline, to fill in the blank frames with the movement between frames 1 and *50*

To preview your movie press CTRL+Enter.

Voila. You have successfully used motion tween to make a short but sweet animation! ^^

If you wanted to speed the FPS (Frames Per Second) up, then double click the box just underneath your timeline that has a default of
'12.0 fps'. Now you've done that you can change the size of your animation, the background colour and also the frames per second.

Challenge: Make a ball bounce off each side of the wall
Difficulty: easy

One problem with tweening is that you have to create a new motion tween everytime you want to change the path of the object, by default its set to go straight.

If you need any help or come accross any problems. PM me.



BobbyBon February 25 2006 - 18:55:39
Not too useful without pictures, IMHO.
wolfmankurdon February 25 2006 - 19:17:05
Rocks my world Smile thanks
6090on February 26 2006 - 19:11:55
wow thanks for this one dude, its a real help!Smile
Bickfordon February 26 2006 - 19:19:36
The stuff school forgets to tell you.... Thanks B)
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