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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Flash 8 Animating. Step two

Arrow Image The next step in animating with Flash 8

Step Two: Moving another ball, this time, using the \'frame-by-frame\' technique

Open up a Flash docu<i></i>ment

For this animation we are going to change the fps (Frames Per Second) to 17.0fps.

Note: If you do not know how to change the frames per second, read step one!^^

Using the oval tool, draw a circle on the page, preferably in one of the corners.
now you have your circle, its time to start inserting keyframes.

NOTE: Do you know the flip-books that cartoonists used to use... they would draw a face on one
page, and continuing on through pages gradually changing the expres<i></i>sion. Thats what keyframes are like. Using Motion Tween, you draw
the first and last expres<i></i>sion, leaving macromedia to fill in the gaps! ^^
<! Thats what we ALL paid £400 right!? >

So imagine each frame is the next page.
Because we have our FPS at 17.0, we can skip a frame every time, it makes it smoother for the eyes! :P (oh yeah and saves time)
Right click on Frame 3 and select \'Insert Keyframe\'.
now you see your object (circle) is highlighted. This means you can move/edit the picture.
What you want to do is move it half a centimetre in the direction you want your ball too head.

NOTE: Make sure you have an idea of where you want your ball too end, this helps you have a straighter line.

Next step is too click on frame 5, again, following the same steps as above:-
right click
insert keyframe
move circle about half a centimetre in the direction you want you ball too head.

Keep repeating these steps until you have your ball where you wanted it to stop.

I know this is a little tiring, but it is simple to practise with, and is clearer to see changes.

Once you have the ball at its \'end keyframe\'(where you stop moving in one direction) you hit CTRL+enter and preview your

Unlike tweening, you have more control on the path of the object.

Challenge: Make your own!
Diffculty: Moderate!


If you need more help PM me.



6090on February 26 2006 - 19:12:36
Again, nice1 on this article dude B)
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