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JScript Challenges 1-8

Arrow Image Walkthrough for Javascript 1-8

OK well this is my first article and i hope it help for alot. Strait to the point now:

Javascript 1
This one is easy, view>source or if ur on Firefox Ctrl+u , and look for the script. And copy the username and password.

Javascript 2
Same thing hold Ctrl+u as you click 'OK' and the source page should appear, look for the script and follow the link given. And it will lead you to finding the password.

Javascript 3
Ok now you could see that the part that we need is encrypted :'( , now you can
A)Search trough the rubbish and try to find the username and password. or B)go to and goto the html encrypter/decrypter and decrypt it. Now that you got the information u need go to the challenge and paste them to recive ur points.

Javascript 4
Most of u guys have read post and articles about this one (i did) and i still could get it, after reading nights_shadow's article it became clear to me. Read the part about cross site scripting at http://www.securi. . .2A8AU.html
It helps

Javascript 5
This is the same as Jscript 2 follow the link it leads you to the script now if you know some javascript this will be easy year+12 woho , no its not 2018 but if u do some simple googling you'll find out what the date.getYear() means and them just +12.

Javascript 6
This Jscript has nothing to do with the password, or well kinda.. Look at the script and see the password now instead of pasting it in the password box try pUtting it somewheRe eLse..;)

Javascript 7
I hate Jscript 7 :@:p but after a few days of messing around with it i though maybe i could simply edit it the way i want. Basicly u dont need to know the first thing about substring YAY!...
make your own html page in notepad and copy the source, edit it and use the docu<i></i>ment.write in it to get the password.

Javascript 8
I got this one but i dont understand why i got it :p
As you can see its encrypted (duh) find out what encryption it is and decrypt it. After that see if thats the pass, nope when u pate it in the password box the page stays the same but take a look at the source you'll see that now its NEW_secret try to use that for something..

W00t! all Jscript challenges covered under 20 min. :)



Monsteron February 06 2006 - 18:29:58
Please comment or rate Grin
Raideron February 06 2006 - 22:22:34
Wow, i did not know crtl+u brought up the source. Thanks.
Nubzzzon February 24 2006 - 01:15:26
Very good article. could have included more information but overall i give it a 8/10
jamiemac2005on May 01 2006 - 11:19:55
JScript = microsofts frankestein javascript != JScript.... but xcellent article got me through cheers
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