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Beige Boxing

Arrow Image A beige box acts as many things, some of which are: a liemans handset, a telephone tap, a phone.

what is beige boxing:
A beige box acts as many things, some of which are: a liemans handset, a telephone tap, a phone.

what can you do with a beige box?:
If you have a pillbox you can attach the beige box to the wires and get calls, get calls free, free long distance, good for prank calls, tap lines.

Hot to build one:
Take a cheep phone where all the buttons and basically all the hardware is in the phone hand peice and disconnect the base part that you set the phone down on to hang up replace that button that you push on to hang up with an on/off switch if you prefer. Then take a telelphone cord and strip the outer coating there should be 4 wires showing; one red, on green one black and one yelllow. go ahead and cut off the yellow and black wires so that you only have red and green (black and yellow are for a second line) then strip the red and green wires so that the bare wires are showing and attach alligator clips to eacho of them. then plug it into the phone.

how to use the beige box:
Basically you find the telephone box outside of buildings and homes and open the cover there sholda be a bucnh of wires and seperate sections depending on how the box is can very, you then attach the alligator clips to the connector pins you always use the connectors right beside eachother they are always in pairs. some you wont get a dial tone just keep trying new pairs untill you get a dial tone. when you have that dial tone your all set just dial any number and make that call!


insane_phreakon January 26 2006 - 22:37:40
hugh you lost me
system_meltdownon January 26 2006 - 22:40:13
I like phreaking, very fun Grin I'm starting it again lol
Nubzzzon January 27 2006 - 01:24:11
nice article B)
hack4uon January 27 2006 - 02:36:45
yeah its a nice article
Hedgyon January 27 2006 - 10:24:15
Buildn a beige box is the simplest way to get into phreaking. Phreaking is the shit you wanto get it,especially all you rebellious teens out there. As more likely than not it involves you sneakn out at like 1 am in thenite,Cutting through cables inside pits. Its a rush. once you have got your cord made and somewhere to connect it up to you can do heaps of shit. Check if they have a VMB (voice mail box) setup on the line,if they do for all you mathemathicans out their its a simple matter of trying a FINITE number of passwords until you brute force your way in. Someone actually got into a MPs VMB,and leaked sone sensative info and it gained much publicity over here in the land of aus but again media ignorance prevailed and labelled the person as a "hacker". Also in Aus telstra runs a Wake up call service... Now what could be better than giving your teacher/enemy an automated wake up caller before test day. it also defiantly has its benefits if you are completly paranoid about your internet identity. Using your cord, you could plug into a 56k modem on a laptop.Now if you were able to get someones net connection password and user either by social enginerring or using something like cain and abel. You could be hooked upto a RANDOM phone line,With a hacked dial up account bouncing through the usual proxies for like complete and utter anonomity... unless the cops drive past at nite, and wonder what teh fuck a teenager sitting in the middle of the street with a laptop is doing out at 1 oclock in teh morning Grin
Sarah_Briarmosson January 28 2006 - 06:00:13
So does this mean that we can connect it to someone else's phone line and make them pay, or is it totally free to make these calls with a beige box?
Hedgyon January 28 2006 - 12:53:04
Well that depends.. essentially thats whats happening .. you are hooking into a line that goes into their house and therefore and phones inside the house that are connected to that line.So yes you are if you are beigin someones home line. plz note that those numbers you dial i beleive also show on their monthly phone bill.So either use a pit for the begging of the month for a week or two then drop it and never use it again(note only do this if dialling 1800 sex numbers if your calln your mats it can be tracked by the cops) .. or have ethics and only beige the pits for payphones and have telstra foot the bill. on payphones they keep a record of the total income earnt from the phone...some in CBD areas have been publicised to hvae made millions of revenue for the pohone comps.. wether thats a overstatement or not im not too sure..but yeah the phone companies can hack it.. poor old pensioners cant. so have ethics, and be a good upstanding citizen and cause headahces for the phone companies while you are at it
archangel_darkangelon January 29 2006 - 02:53:02
Sarah_Briarmoss: if you make a call off their line, they have to pay
archangel_darkangelon January 29 2006 - 02:55:14
also, Hedgy is right, if they notice that somebody is calling a different country and is costing them a shitload of money, they are gona want to find out who it is. first they would prbly ask the others in the house. then maybe go to the phone company. all in all, they might call that number and find out who it is, and try to find out whos making the calls. rule of thumb: dont make personal phone calls. or do so with moderation
pwnmstron February 01 2006 - 20:48:12
wtf is an alligator clip?
repressedcrabon November 23 2006 - 10:35:49
Nice Artical:ninja::ninja:I've been meaning to learn more on beige boxing I didn't know it was so simple:ninja::ninja:
zaliferon November 23 2006 - 18:01:22
an alligator clip is a clip with teeth that acts simalar to a cloths peg. its metal, and has a plage to connect wires though. there like, 50cents each. :ninja:
magnetosphereon July 27 2007 - 17:12:33
I almost got evicted from my aparment complex for Beige boxing. They caught me behind some bushes crouching, but they didnt see the phone that I had, I just said that I was playing hide and go seek with some friends and that was the best place to hideGrin
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