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Guide to Creating Lessons

Arrow Image An article on creating Vid-Lessons for HBH. We need a ton more of these!

Guide to Creating lessons
by: Neo_Chalchus
This is my third article and the first that doesn't have anything to do with censorship. This is being written because I love the Lessons on HBH and I want to see more!

For those who have no idea what lessons are, they are videos that you record while you are hacking. This is recorded and modified to include your voice, telling the person watching what to do and how you are currently doing it. This covers both aspects of the understanding of text, and the "woah, never knew thats what it looked like" feel of demonstrations.


How to make Lessons--

There are a few ways to make lessons, but I will show you one using free software from . Go to this url
and download "capture pad."
Then install it ( I don't have to walk you through that do I?) Ok, so now run the program, which is under "VRtainment" in the start--All programs folder. On the left side of the GUI that is now open for the program there is a section that says "Source" Choose "Entire Screen". Then the next set of options, traveling downward is "Destination" this will be set to AVI or SWF, (jpeg is more of a slide-show, type thing)
Under "options" check, "Go to tray on capture start."

In the main body of the program, check the following options:
Capture Mouse Movements
Capture Sound (only if you are using a microphone to narrate)

Next, Change the Framerate to 8 (this is not required, but I like it this way) If you are recording from a microphone, turn the Microphone volume up.
Then click "start" at the bottom right-hand corner of the Application. It will then ask you to choose a compression type: just choose uncompressed in the drop-down menue.

The app will then minimize to the system tray. It is now recording whatever you do. On slower computers, movement may seem a tiny bit jerky. Do whatever hack or skill that you want to record. If you are narrating from the Mic, then go ahead and talk into it while you are working"

When you are done, go down and double click (rapidly) the tiny video camera in your system tray. The app will come back up and that will terminate recording fro that session.

Congrats Dude! You just made an HBH Lesson! Let the world of HBH watch while you show off, and teach this skill.

Now if there are any finishing touches you'd like to add (voice overs, cool flashy effects, clean the roughness of the vid, ect..) Then go ahead and do it.


Now to send your beloved love child of skill and computing *ahem* 'lesson' to HBH!

Send your Lesson to Mr. Cheese or another admin, and hope they put it up!


Bringin' you skill after skill in great text format...

P.S: I did try to make this in lesson form, but I couldn't narrate it, and it was confusing switching to a text editor for others to read....


wolfmankurdon December 19 2005 - 12:36:37
Lol, nice articleSmile
DeatoXon December 19 2005 - 20:53:55
Yeah cool, good to get this starting Wink
DeatoXon December 19 2005 - 20:53:58
Yeah cool, good to get this starting Wink
chislamon May 20 2006 - 03:55:20
ya good article i hope that its a better video creator than fraps
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