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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Gel Text

Arrow Image Neat Text effect

Gel Text
Difficulty - 1 2 3 4 5
Tutorial Writer - Travmanx (Drumline God)
© 2004-2005

//Present Sizes - Custom
//Width - 300 - pixels
//Height - 300 - pixels
//Resolution - 72 - pixels/inch
//Mode - RGB Color

Step 1

Write what ever you want your text to in WHITE. Then right click go to Layer>Layer Style>Blending Options.

Step 2

Click on INNER GLOW. You can set what ever color you’d like, I chose 0034A9.
Change your settings to this

Structure heading:
Opacity: 75%
Noise: 0%
In the Elements heading:
Technique: Softer
Source: Edge
Choke: 0%
In the Quality heading:
Range: 50%
Jitter: 0%

DO NOT close this window yet.

Step 3

Click on drop shadow and use these settings

Distance: 5px
Spread: 0%
Size: 5px

Step 4

Click on inner shadow and use these settings:
In the Structure heading:
Blend Mode: Normal
Color: FFFFFF (white)
Opacity: 75%
Distance: 4px
Choke: 0%
Size: 1px

Step 5

Click on Gradient Overlay and use these settings

In the Gradient heading:
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%
Gradient: Left click on the gradient image. Select a color to transparent option. For the color I used 3B8DC7 but you can use whatever you like.
Style: linear
Scale: 100

Step 6

Select the stroke option. Set the color to 0E208F and use these settings

In the Structure heading:
Size: 2px
Position: outside
Blend mode: normal
Opacity: 100% you can now click ok on the layer style window, because the effect is finished. If needed retype what you wanted to be typed. Some people need to.

YOU ARE DONE! No pic yet


robertgameon February 18 2007 - 21:01:12
Good article Smile
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