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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Hacking into School Folders.... Made Easy

Arrow Image Easiest possible ways to get into school network folders.

<marquee> Hey guys -- Welcome to my Newest Tutorial!! </marquee>

<align= \"center\"> This is a tutorial on the easiest ways to get into any school folders you need.</align>

Ok, well I\'ve been reaserching this and trying new things on my schools comps.. I believe I have found the easiest possible ways to get access to school folders.... and I mean ANY FOLDERS..<br><br>

First Way : This one method I learned a while ago.. What you do is make the computer search itself for the drive and/or specific folders you want. As you know, on most school computers the search options aren\'t allowed, so you have to find another way to get to it.. What you want to do is go to START >> SETTINGS >> Printers and Faxes. This will take you to the file where all your printers are set up.. When you get into that file, press ctrl + E. this wil make a little search screen come up on the left which will allow you to search the network and/or your computer. So say you want to get into the C: drive.. What you do is type C: in the search box and go down to where theres an arrow with printers and faxes written next to it and make it search local hard drives, which will give you all the contents of the networks C: drive, or make it search My Computer, which will only give you the C: drive for your comp. This way has it\'s ups and downs. For example, you can specify your search to include all the hidden folders on the drive, but sometimes you can\'t get into all the folders due to restrictions. Well my second way can fix that,

Second Way: This way is also verry simple and sometimes, well most of the time, better than doing the printers and faxes thing. Ok, this way involves making a .bat file. The first thing your gonna want to do is open up notepad. If thats restricted, just go onto the internet and click VIEW >> SOURCE, then delete all of the code. Once notepad is open, what you want to do is type \"Explorer C:\" !!!-- You can change C to any file you want access to --!!! Then you press FILE >> Save As and save it as \"cmd.bat\". Make sure you save it somewhere easy to access. Once it\'s saved, just click on it and there you go.. total access to the folder.. This way gives you total access to the contents of the network drive. How it works is when you save it as cmd.bat, it opens up the command prompt which then gets the command to open up the Explorer and search the specified drive. If you try this on Internet Explorer, you\'ll notice that there are restrictions.

Also, say you need to get access to the command prompt.. all you do is type \"command\" in notepad and again save it as \"cmd.bat\" and there you go.

Ok, I hope this help you guys a bit... If your l33t and reading this, no offence, just trying to help out the less experienced.. Now go out and fuck over your schools comps!


thousandtooneon November 22 2005 - 23:25:40
Just about any network using ISA, (very common among districts larger than 2000 total students,) will not work with this.
GhostlyHackeron November 23 2005 - 05:25:31
I beg to differ... My district has WAY more than 2000 students and it seems to work just fine at both of the schools I went to.
thousandtooneon November 23 2005 - 05:29:22
I said common, not always. For a lot of networks, everything you said is true.
Deshoulereson November 23 2005 - 07:43:05
Wow; This would not work ((As stated)) on almost all networks not only at schools but libraries and other public places/semi-public places;; Even if they aren't using ISA, a simple registry edit gets rid of CMD for certain users, and if search is disabled through registry, then there goes the search function; Overall, maybe a small town boy could do it, (Or girl) but past that you gave to insight; So for the 1.0000004% maybe that this applies to, they might think it is good;
AbSoRbon November 23 2005 - 19:46:10
I dont think your first way would work at my school, because search is disabled, but ive never tried Ctrl + E before, so it might, but your second way definatly wouldnt work, because there are restrictions that stop you from running any .bat or .exe programs Sad. Any ideas on how to get around them ?
Cynoxx_on December 16 2005 - 22:29:58
you could always create a shortcut and change the path to c:\ Frown...
smillson June 11 2006 - 19:52:45
lol it was even easier for me , They left " run " open for everyone to use ... i finnaly got it taken away after i made a program in VB (ALT + F11 ) in MS word that sent 250 net send messages through the run command Grin... Anyhoo nice tut i suppose i'll have to try some of them ways out.
chronicburston March 19 2008 - 21:38:52
A school is a FUCKING SCHOOL. feel free to mess around with it. But do not under any circumstances fuck it up. it is dumb and usually results poorly.
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