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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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USB lamp.

Arrow Image To help with the late night hacking although IBM have lamps built in Fn+pgUP

An USB is a very versitile and usefull device. Many objects can be charged off usbs and this is because a high power USB can provide +5Volts enough to run a decent lamp.

What you'll need:
1. USB cable.[ for example extention.]
2. Light bulb- the little one sthat go in tourchs. or an LED[ needs to take atleast 5v maybe to bulbs?]
3. Wire
4. Stand
5. solder + soldering Iron
6. Brain[ optional]- only included because I like that joke.

First get your USB cable because I want to maintain its functionality lets only strip the wires in the midde for about an inch, if you don't mind you can completly detach the male end[ bit that plugs into your PC]. There should be four wires, red, green, white and black. The red and black are power wires while the green and white carry data, so strip the red and black but you can leave them intact. gets some wire and lsplice it to these wires up the stand and if you have a bulb just attach it.

LED stands for Light emmiting Diode, these are diodes meaning they have high resistance to one direction of current. They are also very sensitive its impertive you only attach these when you know you have then the right way arond and check the config works. If you use a led aim for under kill a moment on too high a current and its dead, i reconmend you use two or three LED's.

Plug it in and it will light up YOUR DONE!

You can really go crazy with this, mine has a USB exension a few power attachments ( from a multipurpose adaptor, a indicator light and a socket for a 9v battery :))


wolfmankurdon November 18 2005 - 23:16:34
Deshoulereson November 19 2005 - 05:24:23
Sweetness and a half wolfie;; Damn you Grind, now I have to do that... grrr; hehe Smile
wolfmankurdon November 19 2005 - 10:40:52
Wow that'd be soo cool, i have a cool, pic i'll upload, Deshy: if that works you are i dont think theres a word for it in the hackers dictionary, *goes to research*
wolfmankurdon November 19 2005 - 12:19:14
I couldn't find a word, lol, cool? anywho, mine has a green light with a cdplayer attachment a 9v attachmenat and a cable incase you just want to extend your usb, a few power suppling attachmenst too
Darth_Pengoon November 23 2005 - 11:56:19
Lol.. If I try this (God willing I will) I would add some sort of.. weird capibilities like.. an LED that flashes when The hard drive is thinking and diffrent colours for each one..that'd be awesome but complicated..
deltantoron January 12 2006 - 19:10:57
ok just made a lamp, could really use a way to turn it on and off through windows and/or linux (dual-boot system!)
Uber0non September 21 2006 - 21:30:08
lol nice one Grin
yours31fon October 23 2008 - 20:05:46
@deltantor: IT's easy, on: plug it in off: unplug it.
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