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The measure of a mans life is not how well he dies, but how well he lives.
Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Terminal Revolution

Arrow Image This is not a plan to revolt this is just a notice to all people who have dreamed dreams and wish to find the rabit hole

Terminal Revolution
Monday, november 14, 2005
what is fact what is fiction what is real and what is reality...

The internet is a world apon which people built on, then we came and taken over for some time, until the time of the FBI apon which created laws and arrested us for crimes that we havent done, so are we safe or are we just being watched?

our enemy is the new world order and/or the shadow government apon which controls our life and the power that governs us. we must awaken as see the truth that lays on the bottom of all the lies.

we must fight for our believes if not now if not why then when and how do you want as we all must walk the cold path to virtue that leads to the right as we all must take back our human rights as once we start this would be over as we all start to begain our graved view future i say neologism will win this war but we must not revolt we must not take live to just die we only have our futures to plan for if not that what if tomorrow we could be free under a government thought out by our forefathers under their dreams i give you freedom now it will only take a new begain...

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

Granted if this was to call up an revolt, who would join me... As if there will be two kinds of soldiers, one of which will be new to the world, an Hacker, the other is just a rifle men who just shoots his gun so yeah, IF we were to revolt we would be a little surrounded with everything around as....

"All i Fear is my government"



lord daedaluson November 16 2005 - 02:01:11
before anyone says anything about my trying to start a revolt please listen to me; this article is not for that purpose at all i wrote this artical for the purpose to inform the public of why a revolt should happen in the future "not now" before any of you say anything to me please allow me to tell you that i wouldnt want a revolt to happen NOW, but with every thing that is happening we should not keep it out of our heads we should always be prepared to fight if we have too THANK YOU FOR NOT JUMPING ON MY BACK AND YELL AT ME LIKE "NIGHT FOX" DID if any of you have any questions just IM me on Aim im grandmaster1292 /OR/ just send me a PM or talk to me on MYspace
daniel11uson September 28 2006 - 23:07:18
its pretty good an ol but i think your taking forgranted your freedoms. there is about .05 million other people (other than americans) that have what a average american has. so say what you must (for why i dont know) but im going to enjoy being as lucky as i am. and i think its good of you to want to make sure that our goverment does not become corrupted but unless this becomes EXTREMLY overdosed than there might never be need for a revolution. PEOPLE SOULD NOT BE AFRAID OF THEIR GOVERNMENT THEIR GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE AFRAID OF THEM
Night_Stalkeron February 02 2007 - 21:42:48
p99on July 08 2007 - 02:55:12
95% of the countries wealth is controlled by 5% of the people. Money talks and in more cases makes people talk, and not to mention support. If I went out into the city and offered people 1 millioon to be my supporter no matter what for life... I would get a lot of supporters. Now some little group decides they don't like me... well I can always buy more supporters to defend against them. The government has more people on their side than against them and don't you forget it. And people don't even need money to be persuaded. Just look at how powerfull the media is. I honor your enthusiasm but it is a long shot of a goal for the free people.
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