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How to get rid of the MSN Virus Bropia

Arrow Image This is a bitch, very helpful

How to get rid of the new MSN Virus (Bropia)

While you are on MSN, have you ever noticed anyone trying to send you an unknown file? Well don’t accept it! It’s the new virus that is a .pif file. If you already did click on it see below…

What this virus does.

About every 5 minutes it will open up all of your msn contacts and try to send them this virus. Well that isn’t all... If you try to go to any search engine and type virus, virus remove, glitch, msn hack, ect it automatically closes window… If you try to open Spy sweeper, Norton Anti Virus, ect, it will close it too. Even command prompt.. This program runs in the backround of your computer too so you can’t just put it into the Recycle Bin, or use a hex editor to remodify it.

How to get rid of it

1. Go to
2. Download that( You gotta be quik or it will turn off(again) (MUST USE SAVE AS)!
3. Extract all the files that came with it(Once again it will turn it off lol)
4. Run the FXBropia.exe and press start(Again.. Be quik)
5. Now during the process of deleting it, it will try to press cancel. Luckily, it asks you if you want to stop the process. Your options here are click the mouse where it will say NO. Press down N on your keyboard. Or what I did put like a phone against the keyboard so it auto presses the button and you can go get something to eat!
6. This will take about 15 min-1 hour .
7. It probably will say it couldn’t be found but, restart your computer if you are running XP it will ask you if you want to run it, select cancel!!!! Do it about 5 times then once it stops go in where it is located and delete the .pif file

If you have any questions about this article email:
If you have any questions about the program email


wolfmankurdon November 05 2005 - 11:22:14
wierd fix.
dami3non May 23 2006 - 10:17:00
I had this virus when it first came out and no one on the net new about it at all... I had to get the taskmanger tool off the net so i could open taskmanger and end the msn task for good. But then i had to delete alot of things on my comp and do alot of scans. I could never open norton again not that i used it. Also when i opened add or remove programs it used to say this program has caused an error Frown so i just reformatted lol. The way i got this file was by my mate sending it and saying look at this and because msn is a bitch i didnt get the message its clearly a virus.... i thought maybe it might be a slide show of pics i felt like a right idiot!!!! lol
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