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Thursday, October 01, 2020
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Realistic 1

Arrow Image Help with realistic challenge 1

This is my first artcle. Hope u like it.

Your goal for this mission is to log in as an registered user (johndoe/password) and analyze the site to gain administrator rights to change the price of the program to make it a lot more cheaper.

So u\'v got a username and password. Go to that site. You can see login up there go click it and get loged in. You can go back to the home page. Now you just need some clear eyes. You will discover some buttons that doesnt work and some that work. but if u\'v got a brain and if you know how it works. You can fix it by your own.

So now u\'v got some hints. where would that file be. Now thats the question. I can give u a hint where it could be. Did u just see a picture on the homepage. ;) now thats a file i see almost in all the sites. Go check that out.

So now u\'v got the admin pass and authid and the user. So you need to change your cookies to these. Go back and read the forum. you\'ll see how javascript works so that u\'v changed ur cookies now u have admin rights just new features. Go to the toys page now you can edit the price change it to anythin you like and you\'l be taken to a congratulations page..

so cheers.


fagitzon November 02 2005 - 16:39:05
Your article sends them to the forums... they could've got all you've said and more from going to the forums in the first place. Would it hurt you to add something about javascript injections? You don't do anything with the admin pass, you're only using the authid, and you don't change the price to anything (I remember getting warned about giving it away for free). The end.
FlaKeon November 02 2005 - 16:51:00
Sad my first article buddy.. will try to improve next time
fagitzon November 02 2005 - 20:35:06
Yeah, it's not just you. I see articles as an information resource where you can actually learn, too many articles whore out spoilers trying to get positive ratings (not guilty by you). Articles should encourage further learning, get them to know where to start looking, teach them something new and in detail. I read articles so I can learn; I go to the forums for spoilers.
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