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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Stegano 5

Arrow Image realy easy lots of work but its there! ;)

well ok this is my first article so be nice!
As you all know this is stegano and we are trying to find meaning/messanges out of the steganos.
stegano 5.
-ok i thought at first it was something as a hidden letter or something... like that but its not :D. I guess you all have tried every way to get a messange out of this but the thing is with stegano that the answer lays right infront of your eyes, you realy dont have to use eny programs just a piece of paper and a penn (thats how i did it).There is a messange but it doesnt necessarily have to be in normal text form it might be code! ;)
read in the forums i have seen hints ;)

HINT: code used alot! only uses two numbers!!

ps: i know my english is bad!


Ven0mon November 03 2005 - 00:33:26
nice! but you wrote stegano 6 instead of stegano 5 other than that its good. Smile
master of puppetson November 03 2005 - 06:44:59
i know he he im living in the moment he he thanks Wink
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