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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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App 5

Arrow Image ok, i'll try to explain this one.

if you open the program, you see the xxx-.....
and if you want to click the enter button you will see that it is disabled, so we have to do two things:

1) enter the right key
2)enable the enter button

first for the key we open or program in a hex editor,i always use XVI32

when we are looking in our program(with a hex editor) we see somewhere in the beginning XXXX-....
we have to change this in our key so look in the docu<i></i>ment for the right key and change the XXXX-..
ok then we save and open the program again, you see the key is in the box, so thats one thing, now the enter button.

Because we can\'t click the button, we have to make a shortcut, how do we do that?
look at this site:

and read the section The Caption: And Using the ampersand (&) in a Command button Caption.
(so we have to change the button in the hex editor)

If you read that text, you\'ll know enough to complete this part of the challenge.

if you want real spoilers PM me(but at least try by yourself :p)


wolfmankurdon October 29 2005 - 18:50:01
Urgh I don't like this article
predatoron October 29 2005 - 18:51:00
because you already did it, fore newbies its pretty dificult
CNS Chemiston October 30 2005 - 02:32:06
No. This article is crap simply because you are too lazy to take the info from that URL and put it in your article in your own words. The point of an article is not to make someone travel through other websites; but to give someone a metaphorical light in the dark to assist them in finishing the article. This article is pretty much the equivalent to smoked and beat weed. In other words, it's shit and you shouldn't waste your time with it. I mean, honestly dude, you didn't even use correct sentence structure. HBH should REALLY have better submission standards...
fagitzon October 30 2005 - 12:11:58
^^^ Now that I agree on, people post too many articles that don't contribute to anything about anyone, anytime.
predatoron October 30 2005 - 16:59:52
well ok whatever, delete it then (i'm from belgium, so the english sucks)) but ok just ask HBH to delete it
Thiseason August 15 2006 - 23:03:18
The article is prefect!! I solve it in about half an hour... The only change is that... after make the button visible (abbreviated) I use olly to go to the specific address and.... the passwors was given in a messagebox.... Thx predator!!!
mikispagon March 06 2007 - 18:53:53
Very good article! Thanks!
Tsakoon March 18 2007 - 19:39:41
I keep getting a message about a readprocessmemory, anyone have any idea how to fix it? PM me please.
x-xon May 27 2007 - 15:18:11
great article lolGrin thanx predator
loxaXcrackeron November 11 2007 - 18:44:29
awesome! but you could make it much better Pfft
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