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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Proxies 101

Arrow Image proxys proxi proxys??? basically a little tut one proxys.

First of all i highly suggest look at the video on proxys over in the lessons section of
proxys are little things that allow you bypass webfiliters (like at school, the liberary, or the local cyber cafe) or make it hard for the cops to find out that you did whatever you did, most likely illgeal,.

All a proxy really is, is just a connection to anouther computer. As you may or may not know all computers connected to the internet have an i.p. this i.p. is kinda like the address for the computer connection. If someone like an agent of some kind has your i.p. they can trace it back to your computer. that is one of the reasons why you never do any real hacking on your own computer. personally i don't even go to a hacking site with out a proxy anymore.

now as i was saying, since a proxy is a connection to anouther computer to use it is as you guess an i.p. now lets say you have the i.p. of someone you dislike or one you gain on the internet ( is an usefull site) then if you have internet explorer go up to the file bar and click "tools" then click "internet options" here you should see a new window that pops up and is on the "general" tab. You would want to go to the "Connections" tab that is four tabs over. once there click "Lan settings" click the box under "Proxy server" and put in the ip and port of the proxy. Viola!

If you have the Mozilla Firefox browser then follow these instructions. Go up to the file bar and click "tools" after that click "options. . . "
it should be automatically on the "general" section. if not then click there. After that there should be a "Connections" button, push it.
click the "manual proxy configuration" put in the proxy and the port and click the box that makes it for all of the connections.

There are a bunch of other browsers where you need to add proxies. for safari you go under perfernce. for opera you go to tools. look around and you should find then.

I have learned recently that if you wanted real anonymity you need a program like anonymitizer. but since that costs money i suggest you download tor at which is a bit of an advance proxy. when you connect to tor's proxy instead of sending the info to a computer and back it sends it through 2 or 3 computers and back. it's pretty tight.

now that you have a proxy connection you can do some hacking without certain people to know. but be warned if the FBI or CIA or whatever you have in whatever country your in, if they really wanted to they could find out your i.p. even with a proxy.
other cool things.
in the options of firefox, if you click privicy you can see a list of tabes then if you click see saved passwords guess what, you can see usernames and saved passwords. you can also remove them and make a master password that makes it so no else can see this.

also as you might've guessed you probly couldn't go to internet options at school, if that's the case then download firefox or some other browser. if you cant download things at your school go to anouther one in town, and install.
if your not in college then you should be able to log into the network of anyplace in your school district.

and one real quick example a proxy (a cgi proxy i do believe) is go there type in an address and it will bypass the webfilters for you.
general comments
Thank you hellboundhackers and ghostlyhacker with help on this article i
found most of the info myself but truthfully i had no clue what
a proxy even was until i saw ghostlyhacker's video lesson.



iamgodoffireon October 30 2005 - 16:36:31
Thanks i feel kinda bad that it was short but what else is there to say ya know? Wink
Neoquestyon November 01 2005 - 20:08:44
thanks dude helped meWink
Iorekon August 22 2006 - 23:58:11
Hey, great article - I have a few questions though, sorry for being so n00b. Firstly, I've followed your instructions for and gotten another IP (double checked with, however, it says it is a transparent proxy? Does that mean it isn't really hiding my IP? Secondly, my internet is running a tad slower than normal using this, I assume thats just normal yeah (I trie to find a proxy as close to me as reasonably possible)
iamgodoffireon January 07 2007 - 06:17:32
a transparent proxie just means that it is easier for it to be traced back to you, and some good places and immediatly tell it's a proxy and where you are. also it runs slower because it must first go thorugh another computer, then to the website and back to the other computer and finally back to you. and if you use tor then it will use more computers in the middle making it slower. so it's a bit of a sacrifice, speed for anonomity:ninja:
8i11yb0bon September 05 2007 - 00:26:10
it doesnt work for me... im using a proxy toolbar (firefox add-on) and when i check my ip address, its the real one
8i11yb0bon September 05 2007 - 00:32:37
lol, never mine (i didn't know that the port was so important...). how come when i try the port 80 or 8080 it ether doesn't load or it takes forever, but when i try 3128, it works?
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