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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Pipelining FireFox

Arrow Image How to speed up your requests using FireFox. (requires highspeed connection, no dial up)

If you are a Firefox user on a high speed line (don’t try this on dialup), try the following:
Go to the address bar in Firefox and type in \"about:config\"
Look for the following lines:
• network.http.pipelining = false
• network.http.pipelining.maxrequests = 4
• network.http.proxy.pipelining = false
Change them to (by click/double-click the line) or Right click and select Modify:
• network.http.pipelining = true
• network.http.pipelining.maxrequests = 30
• network.http.proxy.pipelining = true
This configures the browser to make 30 requests at once and not wait for a reply to the request before making another request


thelordofchangeon September 15 2005 - 19:17:17
Yo, just thought I should explain what pipelining is and how it speeds up browsing. Normally HTTP requests (for a page, image, etc) are sent sequentially, with the next request being issued only after the response to the current request has been completely received. On slow networks this can result in a significant delay before the next request is seen by the server let alone replied to. Pipelining simply allows the browser to everal objects at once without waiting for a response first. However to the best of my knowledge the limit for pipelining requests is 8 user_pref("network.http.max-connections-per-server", 8); setting it higher will have no effect.
wolfmankurdon September 15 2005 - 23:21:16
If a lot of people use this the server will slow down and it like dosing it...
Codemonkeyon September 16 2005 - 02:18:28
K Grind when i get a chance away from everything I will add to the beginning explaining what it is Pfft thanx for the bringing that to my attention, didn't think about it.
BluMooseon September 16 2005 - 21:58:56
Sacrifice many for the good of few XD Thanx for the advice though, hadn't thought about that Smile
Machooon September 18 2005 - 02:52:10
You could also speed up FF by compressing the .exe and .dll files.
Machooon September 18 2005 - 03:01:19
You can also make Mozilla Firefox load up alot faster by right-clicking on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut icon (where ever it is located), then clicking on 'Properties', and then in the 'Target:' field, typing in or copying and pasting in /Prefetch:1 at the end of the original target. Then click on 'Apply' and the click on 'OK'.
PoorHackeron February 29 2008 - 14:04:49
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