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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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LOGIC help, but only hints and a How-to...

Arrow Image Help with logic problems, just some notes they're all you need so i made them for you ;)

Use a DIAGRAM even if it doesn't really need one, it will help you imagine it,

it's the next best ting to having the objects there in front of you!

All these hints will do is regulate what or how you think about the puzzle, this is the

hardest bit of a logic puzzle, what you should be thinking about!

1.First lets work out the weight of a real bead and a fake one 10 beads each at 10g so

each bag should weigh 100g except the fake weighs 90! We can only weigh once so we must

use at least a bead from each bag (we'll do it like this for simplicity)
Well, if you put one of each bead in you will end up with a deficient of one, if you pt

five of each a deficit of five! Hmm,(Extra hint:) but if I put one of each bag but 2

from one bag and the deficit is 2g then I know it came form the 2 beads :D think about

it! And you'll get the answer...

2. Well one of them can see two hats so what's the best situation? He should be able

to shout the answer out straight away! Another can see one hat but he also has an

advantage, all he has to do is listening to check if the first one calls the answer out

if not then he can work-out his hat by seeing the hat in front of his!

3. Anyone done UKMT? Well just work backwards with this one, set out 30 marks then go

through it marking the colours!

4. Ah maths simple! Use algebra and the assumption that it's a perfect

parallelogram, opposite sides and diagonals are congruent...

5. Learn how fuses work, especially the similarity between them and light bulbs (that

all differentiate one bulb then with the nature of bulbs (what do light bulbs do!) and

this you should be able to differentiate the other two! (Extra hint;) Why dont you take

your bedroom bulb out and have a closer look?

6. EUREKA! Read about Archimedes and assume that the glass is a prism! Surface area

times height! P.S. This give sthe exact volume!





metsoc30on September 13 2005 - 04:19:56
These aren't hints at all, this is a how-to!
wolfmankurdon September 13 2005 - 18:08:20
Fair enough!
Xeroon September 13 2005 - 21:50:14
The one with the hats has always bothered me. Your hint on that one doesn't help at all... it just regurgitates what everyone thinks about when they read the problem.
wolfmankurdon September 14 2005 - 15:24:49
Okay, I will add to the article but tink about it this way, the one in the middle has an advantage, he can wait to see if the first one shouts out a hat colour, pm me if you'd like more elaboration. Also, the answer to every logic problem is easy as long as you think about it the right way
Codemonkeyon September 17 2005 - 10:00:08
Wolf this is a great Article helped me tons.
scobeon November 04 2005 - 18:28:06
hey, me and my friend just spent a LONG ASS TIME on these problems and i would say that these ROCK HARDCORE!!! i love these please post more, the only one we were not able to figure out was the circuit breaker ones but thats prolly because we have never had to change fuses or w/e or any thing electrical (except our computers) but ya..... post more please!!!
[<IMG src="">]
wolfmankurdon November 10 2005 - 23:11:24
This'll help you a fuse not a ciruit breaker theres a fine difference.
cubeman372on February 07 2006 - 20:14:28
Really helpful Article AWESOME!Grin
kgeeon May 28 2006 - 00:23:31
I think this article gives too much away. I kinda feel ripped off knowing that people are allowed to come here and be spoon fed the answers. I dont mean to sound critical, but hints on the practical hacking missions are one thing. they give you a topic to look up and learn. Hints on the logical challenges is just another way of allowing people to get points without thinking. Nothing against the author of this article, congrats for not only being able to do the question but to describe it as well, but I just dont think this creates a fair game.
wolfmankurdon February 22 2007 - 18:48:07
kgee, I agree, but unless you are on the right track this article isnt all that usefull I get a lot of pm's asking me for more help.
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