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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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What makes a leader?

Arrow Image What makes a leader?

Someone has to stand up and take charge. A leader can be defined in many different ways. Is there actually a definition out there that correct defines what a leader is?
I don't think there is arguments go on and on about what correctly defines a leader.

Well here is what I think;

For years now I have been a leader figure for myself, for people who show respect and for many others.
From being complete nameless to getting a reputation and respect comes at a price. Whether you're a hacker, a programmer or a person of supreme ability then you will always be a target, a target to take down that is.
You are looked at differently, looked up to but all the time people are thinking about being better than you, trying to take you down, what it would be like for the world, what it would be like for them.

I admit, I have done this, I look up to people, but I also want to be the best, this is coming from the mind of a programmer.
Once I got a taste of the excitement of an underground world I just wanted in, I couldn't tear myself away, and I went straight to the big names.
Not knowing what this could do for me and what I would need to repair for myself?

I am writing this for you all, so you don't go down the same path as I, so you don't make the mistakes that can prove costly.

You want to start out on your own or even as a team and you're the leader, then this can help.

"Curiosity comes to those who are a mystery"

That is one of my favourite quotes, which I once saw. This is a fantastic example of how to be, a mystery. A complete mystery to the world, do not reveal a thing to anyone, keep friends close and enemies closer.

By revealing your knowledge, skills then you are giving people an advantage.

Behind my mind is curiosity, the will to live and be free. I live as a mystery. I feel you should do the same;

My name;. what name?

My identity; I don't even have one anymore.

Expect me to return.


bmxer_jakeon September 04 2005 - 17:32:54
wow Shock nice
Xeroon September 05 2005 - 02:30:06
That was pathetic. It didn't speak nearly at all about leadership. Plus: how can you be a self-proclaimed hacker and encourage everyone to hold their knowledge secret. Share your knowledge. Encourage others to surpass you.
metsoc30on September 05 2005 - 04:46:44
A leader is simply someone who has followers. That's it. Having people respect you doesn't make you a leader. A general can respect a private, yet the private isn't a leader. To be a target of someone, you, once again, don't have to be a leader. "Do not reveal anything to anyone" -- that's complete bullshit. People know more about leaders than they do about followers. How can you lead if people don't know anything about you (and thus don't have a reason to follow you). If someone doesn't know anything about you, how can you be "a target to take down"? I agree with Xero on this one, that article has nothing to do with leadership.
WaTcHeRon September 05 2005 - 11:59:24
Pfft, metsoc30 and Xero, glad you liked it so much.
Xeroon September 07 2005 - 02:31:23
Now Now. We're just criticizing your work. Which should be taken with gratitude. I'm not saying that you're unintelligent, just that you didn't do too well with this article. You sort of rambled. Got off topic. And it also appears that you tried too hard to make it deep and meaningful.
WaTcHeRon September 07 2005 - 19:23:38
wolfmankurdon September 08 2005 - 19:45:32
Cool, I think the don't share knowledge but is goo dto an degreee, as in people should feel that they are after the same thing as you, but the also must feel that you are the only one to lead you there. This is what Hitler had with 1930's Germany many Germans looking for a scapegoat and to finally be back at the tp ofthe world and someone who knew how to get there... Try listenning to some speechs Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. erm, even religious preachers... American Football coatchs... Hitler is especially good if you know German, think what he got done... tihink of Prophets, everyone wants a heaven but only the prophet through God knows how to get thereWink
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