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Get around censorship

Arrow Image Look at the title, but if I must...Get around the internet blocking at your school (or work place I guess)

Another List of Ways to Get Around Censorship (updated)
By: Neo_Chalchus

This is another article of getting around school's internet censors or firewalls. If you are caught doing this by someone who works at your school (or a tattle-tale) then you will get in BIG-trouble, possibly even expelled. What ever you do with this information is entirely your fault; I am not to be held responsible.

And don't do this when you have an individual login name or username, it will still point to you!
This was updated after a few comments on HTS
To begin with we'll start with basic IP address stuff. Now, some administrators will have disabled this, but it may work, and is a quick easy way to start. First, open the command prompt, type in "ping website" without the quotes and put the domain name where website is. This will give you an IP address, go and enter that into the address bar, this should bring you to the site.

OR:if your school has disabled the command prompt then go to
Look at the far right column and find the one that says ping and type in the address of the site, when the next page opens the hostname will be there and next to it in brackets will be the IP address for that site


Next, you can go through a proxy or translation site. My site has a proxy (don't we all love web advertising?) , also a few other sites do as well (Google it for more proxies.) Also if you go to most translation sites (Google has a great one as well as altivista) then you can use that. If your site is in English, then tell it to translate the site from any language to English! That will open it up and say that it translated it and mess with the url, that will get you pass the blockers.


And last there are the circumventors, personally I have never used them (never needed them) but I thought they should be at least mentioned. These little programs also work in getting past those pesky blockers. Since I am afraid that I would give you wrong information on the subject of circumventors I will hand that off to someone else. Go to these sites for help and descriptions on these:
And once again GOOGLE IT!
I have also been told by nos_slived on HTS that you can convert the name into hex codes, such as

Well, that's about it. Leave as many comments as you can and give me some feedback on my FIRST article!




tommyaustinon September 01 2005 - 21:05:42
soudns good i haven't tried it yet but school starst in a week so we will find out..B)
JP128on September 10 2005 - 05:16:35
Yes, that does work. All I do is go to When you get there all you need to do is click on "Translate," then type in the webaddress you want to get there (That is blocked), then click the translate menu, and pick ANYTHING to English. Then there ya go.SmileB)
chislamon April 19 2006 - 22:36:26
nice thinks for this article it worked for me on google translations.
zeldahardcoreon November 28 2008 - 07:04:01
haha i figured so many ways to get through censorship and every time i got through they would block it a month later
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