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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Encryption 1 & 2

Arrow Image Beginning decryption for the first time can be difficult. Look here for some first-time pointers and a guide on the first two HBH challenges.

For a lot of people, they\'ll look at an encrypted bit of text and see gibberish. Nothing. \"WHAT DO I DO WHERE DO I START!!?!?!???!??11/??\"
The encryption challenges here are no different. Basically you need to just try different things, look for patterns, see what starts to make sense. That is the best advice. Look for patterns and try different things.

The first two challenges are relatively simple. As for encryption 1, try to think of the simplest form of encryption using binary. How can you change it to make it easier or more readable? What about converting it to hex? And then... what can you do with a hex string? Hmm... what is ASCII?

Alright, that one was easy. But what about encryption 2? It looks a lot like three numbers with many decimals and separated by commas. Look for patterns. What can you notice about the numbers between the decimals? How many are between each decimal? It seems to be a pretty even number... What about the magnitude of those numbers? Have you ever seen a set of numbers with that range before? Perhaps... somewhere in the alphabet?
Once you get those numbers decrypted, the letters are still jumbled. Why? Well, I don\'t know how common this little puzzle is, but I know that some newspapers have it in their comics section. \"Cryptoquip\" and \"Cryptoquote\" are two names I\'ve heard for it. This one is no different. Each letter stands for another.
When I finished this one, I noticed two small problems with the actual final answer. Since these can\'t really be derived from the encryption, I\'ll give you a hint. First, there should not be a space in front of the commas. Also, there is a slight capitalization issue. The first letter of the final answer should be capitalized, as well as one other letter (it makes sense which one).

Now that I\'ve got you started, look at some of the other challenges. LOOK FOR PATTERNS!!!


The_Cellon December 18 2005 - 19:02:51
Thx for the help on the spelling Pfft That kept me quite a while Smile
JohnDoeon November 04 2006 - 13:50:37
Hmm, in the final answer 3 letters should be capitalised. First and two that make sense.(theres a 3rd that makes sense but it shouldnt be capitalised) Thats a slight error in this mission.
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