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Friday, April 25, 2014
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Arrow Image Well scaning the Internet and found this dont know how good it is but It looks like a Hacker zine so what the hell

The Telecom Munist MONTHLY

Published by The coalition for blind bowlers...
Issue 1 June-July of 2002

| |
| Introduction To This \'Zine |

A clear warning ahead of time, this isn\'t very good. In fact theres
not that much of a technical side to this \"zine\". It\'s more of a \"phreaking
related entertainment\" type thing. But i guess anyone could read it and
maybe get something out of it. And in most peoples opinion it will probably
suX0r m4d 4ss. But on the plus side its formatted right so you can even read
it in old dos\'s Uhhh I\'m just going to quit typing now. If you
want something more technical and less funny may i suggest


| |
| Contents |
(shouldn\'t this have been before the introduction?)
1. Introduction By IDLR
2. Celebrity Number By IDLR
3. Death of the Payphone (Article taken from some news site)
4. 1 in the morning and bored on AIM By IDLR
5. Good \'ol Johnny B. By IDLR
6. Conversations with Curtis Lee Jones By DBK and Max Power
7. How to Hide Your p0rn By DBK
8. A List By DBK
9. Multimedia
10. Letters to the Editor

| |
| Celebrity Number |

Each issue we will divulge a known celebrity\'s number and maybe their
address. Our unlucky victim this week is Dr.Drew Pinsky from the radio show
Love Line. Love Line is a national call in radio show and it probably is in
your neck of the woods too. There is also an MTV version of Love Line. You
might know Drew\'s co-host Adam Carola from his show on Comedy Central
\"The Man Show\". Adam also helped create the crap we know as Crank Yankers.
Now I have nothing against Drew but we have to have use someone and he was
picked out randomly this time. Enough of the bullshit aside, here\'s his info.

Drew Pinsky
2050 Huntington Dr
South Pasadena, CA

| |
| Death of the Pay Phone |

When was the last time you used a pay phone? Somewhere between cellular
phones and the Internet, the traditional pay phone has almost died, and
as hip new technology takes its place, savvy business owners know that
getting on the Web now is more important than ever.

The nose-dive begins
The first death knell tolled when service was deregulated, and pay phone
prices shot up as high as $.50 in some parts of the country. No longer
could Travis Tritt croon, \"Here\'s a quarter, call someone who cares\", and
find anyone who could relate to his country music melody. Not to mention
the surprise expense of using a credit card or phone card to make a
call - a 20-minute call usually costs around $25, but the caller doesn\'t
realize this until they get their phone bill.

Can I get my money back, please?
Then, along with the deregulated prices came deregulated customer service
- if a phone eats your money, no one cares(Not true, RBCP of PLA fame got
lots of cash from calling customer service and telling them it ate his
coins - IDLR). The once-clean pay phones now are clogged with grime, gunk
and other questionable foreign particles. I recently heard that the average
Manhattan pay phone carries over 50,000 different germ types on its
mouthpiece. Ew, ew.

Here comes the future
But the final nail in the coffin for the pay phone industry came as cellular
phones and their services became dramatically less expensive. Once only the
plaything of the rich and famous, cellular phones are now almost a standard
in every 16-year old\'s arsenal. I\'ll bet that most of you reading this have
at least one cell phone in your household.

Where do we go from here?
So what\'s the pay phone industry to do? If you\'re like BellSouth, you bow
politely and exit the business as quickly as possible, gearing up for the
growing phone/Internet/video game kiosk market.

\"The pay phone as it is today -- there is no growth,\" said Peter Catalena,
founder of NetNearU, a public Internet access terminal and software business
that recently agreed to provide AT&T, Bell Atlantic, GTE, and Sprint with
kiosk terminals. \"The good locations have all been taken, and what were good
locations aren\'t good locations anymore.

Here, there, the Internet is everywhere
The kiosk idea is taking advantage of the fact that most people want to check
their e-mail just as frequently as they check their voice mail, and that
surfing the Internet and checking stock prices is a great way to spend lag
time in an airport or subway station.

As Internet kiosks kick even more pay phones out of commission, it becomes
all the more important for every business to have an online presence.

Sorry, Superman
As the Internet and the cellular industry take over even more of the
traditional markets, the standard pay phone is quickly going the way of the
cassette tape Walkman and the VCR - great technological advances for their
time, but just about outdated. Though it looks like Clark Kent will have to
find some place else to change into his Superman tights, at least he\'ll be
able to check his e-mail as he does it.

| |
| 1 in the morning and |
| bored on AIM |

These aren\'t really that funny but... hell, I dont have a damn excuse.


You have just entered room \"NBA Chat.\"

kbryant238: oh

LilM0mma69 has left the room.

Knutetufan4520 has entered the room.

kbryant238: didnt know they makin one

Iam Stibbar: NBA is for smelly black people

Iam Stibbar: hahahahahhahaha

kbryant238: u racist?

krazyguy3452: ne1 wanna trade pics,chat, play T or D, or play on the mic wit
a horny 15 m IM me i press 234 (age doesnt matter)

Iam Stibbar: 234

Iam Stibbar: What about sexual preference? (guess he didnt see this - IDLR)

krazyguy3452: hi

Iam Stibbar: asl?

krazyguy3452: 15 m va u

Iam Stibbar: 35/m/or

Iam Stibbar: so your in to this internet stuff?

Iam Stibbar: hello?

Previous message was not received by krazyguy3452 because of error:
User krazyguy3452 is not available.

Iam Stibbar: ninja, your names tex from now on

darkninja4576: nope

darkninja4576: just ninja

Iam Stibbar: quiet down tex

darkninja4576: or clyde

Iam Stibbar: its either tex or kkk member

Iam Stibbar: so well just leave it at tex

darkninja4576: ok tex sound real good

Iam Stibbar: tipped any cows lately?

darkninja4576: no

Iam Stibbar: chhhh

Iam Stibbar: youre not a real texan

Pizuzz: thats texist

Iam Stibbar: i bet youre from new york

Iam Stibbar: so wheres everybody from

Iam Stibbar: it makes it easier for me to make fun of you

BallinItUp7123 has entered the room.

Iam Stibbar: hey ballin

BallinItUp7123: holla

Iam Stibbar: your black arent you

AllRockDrummer69: RACISM

AllRockDrummer69: *cough*


Iam Stibbar: not racism

Iam Stibbar: just obvious

| |
| Good \'ol Johnny B. |

This is just a short little essay I wrote about my neighbor,
Johnny B. I think he\'s the perfect target for anyone and has a
personality to rival that of Dino Allsman( In
the next issue I may include some prank calls to his house and
other crap about him, but what ever. I just like making fun of
people more stupid than I(ohhh m4d english skillz). Here\'s the essay.

Johnny B. was a simple man, he liked his beer, his
football, and his woman. He took up for in personality and
public drunkenness for what he lacked in stature being only 5
feet tall and 230 pounds. Now I\'m not saying that he was ugly,
but Johnny B. was one ugly son of a bitch. He had black curly
hair down to his shoulders and a dark complexion. His whole
wardrobe consisted of Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and constantly
wears those 1930\'s paperboy hats. In fact most people have
said that Johnny B. is a shorter version of the musician

Johnny B. spends at least ninety percent of his time in
his garage. Now his garage isn\'t what I\'d call a normal garage,
it\'s most prominent feature being a urinal. Aside from all the
Budweiser posters his garage contains a pool table, big screen
television, a rack with at least 30 different Hawaiian shirts, and
an air conditioner. If Johnny B. spent at least half the time
fixing his garage doing other things, he probably wouldn\'t have
the most dilapidated looking house on the street. Before
Johnny B. moved in, his house had the best yard on the block,
now it consists of dirt and a six-foot square patch of dead
grass. He removed all the other grass because he claimed that
he was going to put in cement. I don\'t know what would be
worse, a front yard full of dirt, or a front yard full of cement.

Besides having an awesome house, Johnny B. has an
even better vehicle, a 1950\'s green Chevrolet pick-up truck.
Well, its more rust colored than green nowadays. I usually
know when good \'ol Johnny B gets home about three blocks
before his arrival from the sound of his truck. Some of the
greatest features of his truck are its bumper stickers, consisting
of \"Work Hard, Work Union\" and other union supporting
stickers as well as an Oakland Raiders sticker. Johnny B. had
one of those blinking lights installed on the truck, I don\'t get
why because no one would ever want to steal it, and he doesn\'t
roll the windows up anyway.

But the greatest thing of all is when Johnny B. is
drinking. He\'s spurted out great slogans such as \"Hey man, I\'m
Johnny B., I don\'t fuck around\" while building a fence, which
promptly fell over the next day. And yes, he does refer to
himself as Johnny B. He becomes quite aggressive when he\'s
drunk making sure to yell at every one of his neighbours and
slam a couple doors repeatedly while he\'s at it. And when his
electricity goes out because \"He\'s working on the wiring\" he
never fails to ask if we can run an extension cord to his house.
I can only imagine what Johnny B. was like when he was a
kid, or even worse, what his family was like.

A couple weeks back a city worker came by and took
some pictures of Johnny B\'s house. After being warned that he
might be cited he actually started to work on his house. Within
a day he had some plastic lawn furniture and fake grass in his
patio area. He\'s been digging in his sandlot so I think he may
actually plant some grass. He claimed the reason that his
house\'s exterior is dilapidated because he\'s spent nearly
$50,000 on the interior of the house. I\'m guessing $45,000 of
it was spent on beer he drank while fixing it because it still
looks like shit.

| |
| Conversations with |
| Curtis Lee Jones |

If you visit the PLA ( your probably know
who Curtis is. If you don\'t, I\'ll tell you now, he\'s the
greatest hacker ever known to mankind. With his supercomputer
and central phone system he can take anyone out. Here\'s some
conversations Dimebag Kyle and Max Power have had with him.

DimeBag Kyle: What\'s up Curtis
DimeBag Kyle: You there dude?
DimeBag Kyle: Dude, don\'t ignore me because youre too m4d
DimeBag Kyle: mr
DimeBag Kyle: hahahahahahaha
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0000
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0001
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0002
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0003
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0004
DimeBag Kyle: Oh no!
DimeBag Kyle: It\'s your central computer system!
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: Devices verified: 0
Checking for: Manual Devices
Checking for: Programmable Interrupt
Controller QueryIOMem: Caller=DETECTPIC,
rcQuery=0 IO=20-21,a0-a1
DimeBag Kyle: haaahahahahahahahah
DimeBag Kyle: wow, that sure is 1337
DimeBag Kyle: mr port 24 is open
DimeBag Kyle: and 36
DimeBag Kyle: sending some email huh
DimeBag Kyle: i better not nuke or flood those
DimeBag Kyle: your central computer system might stop me
DimeBag Kyle: i got a book on it at my liberry
DimeBag Kyle: aww, is curt teddy bear mad?
DimeBag Kyle: he cant m4d h4x0r me?
DimeBag Kyle: because hes a moron?
DimeBag Kyle: look at me, im curtis, im a retard and
port 54 is open because im a big bad DNS
server fan

CURTTEDDYBEAR316: :::::loaded portworm acc/open
MaxPower789X: what does that mean
MaxPower789X: i ought to report you
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: 100% acc/file ,m s dos/
MaxPower789X: what does that even mean
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: Number of verify functions called =30
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0000
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0001
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0002
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0003
RegAvoidRes: UMB\\0004
MaxPower789X: wanna stop that
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: Devices verified: 0
Checking for: Manual Devices
Checking for: Programmable Interrupt Controller
QueryIOMem: Caller=DETECTPIC, rcQuery=0
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: y u came to me
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: do u like ur pc yes or no
MaxPower789X: what the hell are you talking about
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: call me a queer i fry ur computer
MaxPower789X: what?
MaxPower789X: dude, if you dont shut up im gonna report you
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: Checking for: Numeric Data Processor
QueryIOMem: Caller=DETECTNDP, rcQuery=0
Detected: *PNP0C04\\0000 = [6] Numeric data processor
Checking for: Logitech SoundMan
Checking for: System Board
Detected: *PNP0C01\\0000 = [7] System board
Checking for: Motherboard Resources
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: not by ur pc maybe by phone
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: now its up to u want ur computer if not
fuck with me and ill fry it as i am now
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: Checking for: Intel 596 compatible
Network Adapter
Checking for: HP Omnibook 600 series
Checking for: System Bus
CheckInt86xCrash: int 1a,AX=b101,rc=0
Detected: *PNP0C00\\0000 = [9] Plug and Play BIOS
Checking for: Advanced Power Management Support
Detected: *PNP0C05\\0000 = [10] Advanced Power Management
Checking for: Dockable Portable
Checking for: PS/2 Style Mouse
QueryIRQDMA: Caller=DETECTPS2MOUSE, rcQuery=0
MaxPower789X: what the hell
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: dont ever im me or say bye ur pc
MaxPower789X: are you a hacker?
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: see i am that fucking good to fry ur pc
...the loser site is shit but i know computer
and how to fuck them up so do u want to fuck with
me and call me a queer well do u
MaxPower789X: are you a hacker?
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: this is info in ur computer i can do lots to u very ez
MaxPower789X: why..i didnt do anything to you
MaxPower789X: who are you anyway
Detected: *PNP0700\\0000 = [13] Standard Floppy Disk Controller
Checking for: Serial Communication Port
QueryIOMem: Caller=DETECTCOM, rcQuery=0
QueryIOMem: Caller=DETECTCOM, rcQuery=0
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: u im me so now what do u wa
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: oh and called me a queer
MaxPower789X: seriously....what the heck are you talking about
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: MaxPower789X: is a queer boy a boy thats queer
MaxPower789X: technically, if i did say that, i didnt call you a queer boy
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: Number of functions called = 292
Devices detected: 17
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: look what did u im me 4
MaxPower789X: what the fudge? i didnt IM IM\'ed me
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: wrong oooooooooo u im me
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: then go b4 i do more to ur computer
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ps yes i a hacker 1 of the best out
MaxPower789X: whats your hacker name
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: no just go ok i dont want to hert ur computer ok just
go and b cool k
MaxPower789X: no, whats your hacker name
MaxPower789X: seriously

DimeBag Kyle: Hey Curtis
DimeBag Kyle: I have a serious question
DimeBag Kyle: What kind of music do you listen to?
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ask ur mom fuckface
DimeBag Kyle: Just out of curiosity
DimeBag Kyle: Uh, she wouldn\'t know dude
DimeBag Kyle: Don\'t be a faggot for once and answer my question, moron
DimeBag Kyle: Look, it\'s pretty easy - I\'ll go first
DimeBag Kyle: I like pretty much everything but am most partial to heavy
DimeBag Kyle: How about you?
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: yes she would she sucked my cock asshole now run off lil
boy u got school
DimeBag Kyle: I don\'t see how that pertains to her knowing what kind of
music you like
DimeBag Kyle: Make sense, moron
DimeBag Kyle: Why the fuck are you scared of answering such a simple
DimeBag Kyle: What are you scared of?
DimeBag Kyle: Like you said, I\'m a kid
DimeBag Kyle: I\'m a 16 year old kid, what am I going to do?
DimeBag Kyle: Just answer the question
DimeBag Kyle: Tell your wife to brush her teeth
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: tell ur mom wipe my cum off her mouth
DimeBag Kyle: I would, but she\'s not here right now
DimeBag Kyle: I\'ll take the message, though
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: she\'s here getting fucked in her ass by me
DimeBag Kyle: Wow, you can type and fuck at the same time
DimeBag Kyle: Apparently the only talent you have
DimeBag Kyle: It sucks being outwitted by an adolescent, huh?
00100010010010~acc:aol/password***_*********** <sndred;portworm>ms dos file
;port 320 ip***.***.***.** acc:loaded 10:30/aol =run
DimeBag Kyle: ohhh crap
DimeBag Kyle: Here we go with the fake hacking again
DimeBag Kyle: Curtis
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: tell heather i payed for a hit on her
DimeBag Kyle: I\'m actually familar with the art of \"hacking\"
DimeBag Kyle: Don\'t try to scare me, moron
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: u cant hack ur zipper dick
DimeBag Kyle: I\'m sorry, I don\'t know Heather
DimeBag Kyle: I can\'t deliver the message
DimeBag Kyle: I don\'t have a zipper dick
DimeBag Kyle: I do, however, have your IP
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: go find what i sent u punkass kid,,,hack that lmao @ u

DimeBag Kyle: Uh oh!
DimeBag Kyle: What\'s next?
DimeBag Kyle: Sub_7?
DimeBag Kyle: A Trojan, perchance?



CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DimeBag Kyle: Uh oh, he\'s going crazy with the tilde\'s!
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
DimeBag Kyle: Tilde = essential to all 1337 h4x0rs

CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~
CURTTEDDYBEAR316: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
DimeBag Kyle: I concur.
DimeBag Kyle: Rate limits
DimeBag Kyle: are a bitch
DimeBag Kyle: yes?

| |
| How to Hide Your p0rn |

How to Hide Your p0rn

If you\'re a truly 5up3r 13370 p|-|r34x0r/h4x0r, then you look at porn.
You\'re also probably 16 and live with your parents. If parents or younger
siblings find your porn, bad things could happen. Example:

Mom - \"Oh my! ::angry yelling:: Murray, come here!!!!!\"

13370 h4x0r - \"Damn it, Mom, for the last time, call me DestructoGod789!!
It\'s my 1337 h4x0r name!\"

Mom - \"You won\'t be doing any 1337 h4x0ring for a while, young man. How do
you explain THIS?!?! ::pulls up p0rn::\"

1 h - \"Er...uh...You see Mom, I\'m a heterosexual adolescent male and I can\'t
get any action, so I need to look at porn!\"

Mom - \"You\'re a heterosexual GROUNDED male!\"

Dad - \"Do I smell smoke? Because somebody just got burned!\"

~End example

So, in order to prevent travesties like the one above, utilize the following

Technique One - It\'s All in the Name

When you download your super 1337 p0rn, it usually has a name like
\"XXXCherly01.mpg\" or \"HotFuck1.jpg\" or, if you\'re Tr0n,
\"GayThreesomeCumMovie.mpg\" This is kind of obvious, don\'t you think? This
can easily be prevented by saving it as something else. When you\'re doing
the Save As thing, make it something your family knows you\'re interested in.
For example, you might save it as \"Metallica - Master of Puppets.mpg\" if you
like Metallica, or, if you\'re Tr0n, \"GayThreesomeCumMovie.mpg\" because he\'s
interested in gay sex. Get it? Got it? Good.

Technique Two - Location, Location, Location!!

If you have intrusive parents or siblings, they probably look through
your stuff every now and then. One way to prevent this is the \"thousands of
folders of doom\" technique. What you do is, choose a folder for your p0rn.
In this folder, make 10 other folders. In each of these, 10 more folders,
and so on and so forth. Only you know which one contains the goodies!
Mwahahahaha! Alternatively, make a file at the end of each folder reading
\"WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY STUFF?!?!\" Good times. Another easy thing to do
is make a folder and give it a boring name. Something like \"School Stuff.\",
or if you\'re tr0n, \"gay porn collection.
Unless your family is full of losers, they won\'t bother looking in these.

Technique Three - Destroying the Evidence

Once you\'re done with something, there\'s no point in leaving it on the
ol\' CPU. It takes up space and leaves incriminating evidence. There are a
couple of steps for a complete removal of all p0rn. The first thing to do is
actually delete the file itself. After you do this, go to the recycle bin
and delete that one item only. There\'s no point in emptying the whole thing,
as that\'s rather suspicious. After this, make sure it\'s not in the docu<i></i>ments
folder. You can just do \"Clear docu<i></i>ments\" if you want, but again, that\'s
rather suspicious. Depending on your version of Windows, you can either
delete the file from the docu<i></i>ments or just open up a bunch of random crap
until it\'s gone. Next, you\'ve got to go to the ol\' History file and delete
all the porn stuff in there. Now you\'re all set! Good times.

Here are some more ideas from IDLR:

Take all your crazy cool ebony porn and put it all in one archive,
.zip, .rar, it doesn\'t really matter. Now put a password on that zip. Next
put it in any directory you choose. Goto DOS prompt and rename the file
something like brd12h.dll or something that looks important. When you want
to look at your porn just right click the icon and open it with winzip or
winrar or whatever the hell you use and type in the password. The password
can easily be cracked by anyone with enough computer know how but it just
adds some extra security.

Why Was This Article Written?

Because I\'m bored as hell and IDLR asked me to write something. Fuck off.

| |
| 12 Things I Do/Don\'t Like |

Things I Don\'t Like:

1. Stupid people who think they\'re smart.

2. People who make lists of things they don\'t like.

3. Punk rockers/activists who want to make a change!

4. Famous people who have no talent. (Limp Bizkit comes to mind.)

5. Tomatoes.

6. People with horrible grammatical skills who mix up you\'re/your
their/there/they\'re and too/to/two on a regular basis.

Things I Do Like:

1. Porn.

2. Heavy metal music!

3. Tomato by-products.

4. Punk rockers who don\'t give a shit!

5. Mountain Dew: Code Red, Chocolate milk, and Gatorade.

6. People who make really stupid lists just to take up space and speed up the
already behind production process of the Telecom-munist Monthly!

Another high quality piece by Kyle !

| |
| Multimedia |

I\'ve decided to post some multimedia supplements to the zine.
This will consist of lots of random shit I find on my computers\'
hardrives. For this issue we have for you;

Foxtrotphot.gif - A Fox Trot comic by Bill Amend

Battery(S&M).mid - A Metallica song in midi format.

25c.wav -\\
10c.wav -|--Always handy red box tones
5c.wav _/

we_char.gif - Some old ass bell system advertisement

cactus001.jpg - cactus?

cwp_alf.jpg - A picture of Alf on the phone

Adamtalker- Like the Arnold calls except with Adam Carolla from
Loveline, Crank Yankers, and The Man Show.

| |
| Letters to the Editor |

From: \"Hotmail Member Services\" <>
Subject: Protect your Hotmail account this summer
Date: 6/02/02 18:34:03

Protect your MSN Hotmail account this summer

If you’re taking a vacation this summer, you’re probably going to stop your
newspaper delivery and make sure your mailbox doesn’t overflow. But don’t
forget there are also a few things you need to do to safeguard your e-mail
account while you’re away.

First, you must log in at least once every 30 days. If you don’t, your
account will be deemed inactive and closed, and all your messages and
contacts will be deleted.*

Second, don’t let your account go over the 2MB storage limit. Inboxes have
a way of filling up fast, so be sure to check every so often and delete
unwanted or large messages. If you don’t, the Hotmail Janitor will randomly
delete messages until your account is reduced to 2MB.

You can avoid the potential pitfalls of leaving your account unattended by
signing up for MSN Extra Storage. For only $19.95** a year, you can take a
vacation from your e-mail account, and know that all your messages will be
there when you get back.

MSN Extra Storage offers a variety of benefits, including:
10MB of MSN Hotmail storage
five times what you’re getting today
The ability to send and receive larger attachments
up to 1.5MB per message
30MB of MSN Communities storage
the perfect place to store photos
Exemption from account expiration policy
you’ll never have to worry about losing your account

You get all this for only $19.95** per year, so get MSN Extra Storage now!

No thanks -- IDLR

| |
| fin. |

Our website is
We like and
We don\'t like too much ketchup on our french fries.


metsoc30on June 25 2005 - 22:05:32
This Curis guy sounds like a grade A asshole.
lord daedaluson June 26 2005 - 05:17:24
Yeah he probly is
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