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Understanding is the answer, hatred is the problem, and hackers are the slaves abused and destroyed in the process of peace online - Deshouleres
Thursday, April 17, 2014
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The flow of information

Arrow Image An article speculating the internet and the ways of the people that cling to it so desperately.

What IS the point of defacing websites and saying your name and your beliefs?
Well, dont give me that oh-so-white-hat propaganda that it\'s only to annoy the website administrator.
In my mind, the point is to make your voice heard, as much as possible, and by as many people as possible. Depending on one\'s message and/or objective, and the colour of one\'s hat, you will either not care about annoying the administrator of the website and destroy everything that you see in your path, or you will actually use your mind and share.
By share, I mean you will save the valuable information that is on the website, no matter your beliefs on it, and post your message on the index page, backing up the actual one so that people can see both your message and the general message of the website. The reason I say this is because of the fact that one\'s mind tries to gain as much information as it can, and then opinionate the information to equalize with their beliefs. This is why information must be valued SO highly. When I say this, the website Wikipedia comes to mind. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, or as I like to call it, The Virtual Brain. In a way, it is. It has gained so much information just by retrieving it from other users, the masses make small contributions, thus creating a massive result. And, with the typing of a word and a click or a press of the \'Enter\' button, one can recieve almost any information that he searches for. Bong, Coffee, Arabica, Religion, Semper Fi, Vader, Filter, Flame Gourami, Catfish, Metric, Sewage, Retina, Placebo, Nystagmus, Datura, Symbolica, Athlon, Titanic, Harold W. Kuhn, Studebaker Starlight, Starbucks, Gravity Bong, Ganja, Detox, Addiction, Planctae, and the list goes on. Information is the central nervous system and backbone of the planet Earth. One of the greatest sources of information, and possibly the most widely used, is the computer. People can make their voice heard without even having to pay money. People can make alliances and friendships with those of their own opinions. Along with this, on the computer, it is possibly the one place where the flow of information is extremely uncontrolled. The problem with society is that there is a very difficult and unbelievably misleading flow of information. You can think of the two as hoses, the internet is a large, long and mostly straight hose, but society is slightly larger, but there is a large kink in the line. You can think of the kink as false information. In no way am I saying all the information on the internet is completely true, but it is much easier to confirm because there is such a wide index of almost every thinkable category. The validity of alot of information is so insanely difficult to confirm. Information can be distorted and misconceived and those that misconceive it can socialise with others, which spreads the invalidity of the information, it is the curse of the ripple effect. Hackers, the \'warriors\' and \'crusaders\' of the internet, will preach information to the masses, not caring what the people that see it will think, their main objective is to have their voice heard.
Part 2 is comin\' soon...


Darth_Pengoon June 17 2005 - 09:09:27
I like this i like this alot
CNS Chemiston June 18 2005 - 03:50:17
Awesome! 100% [210 Votes] Apparently 210 other people do too Pfft
Pandaon November 25 2005 - 20:14:19
Take a bow and a few more, infact give me a fucking memorial for this intelligent artifact made by this ledgendary member of HellBoundHackers no this ledgendary member of mankind. I honour you and this article. Keep on going and see how high you end up in life.
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