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Friday, March 27, 2015
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Latest Articles
Articles: Computer Ethics

Hackers Manifesto

A great window into the mind of a hacker. Told by The Mentor

Hacking, a belief system

Every wondered what would happen is you can hack into the real world?

I'm just another one...

A hackers life...

Internet Censorship

This is a thing I wrote for a censorship debate in english. It gets really philisophical.

Misguided geeks or domestic terrorists

A speech I gave back in high school about the issues of "cyber terrorism"

Negative Sterotypes. Its time for a change.

The true meaning of the word; has been lost in todays modern environment. We ourselves need to understand what a hacker is, before we can preach its philosophy.

Pro's and Con's Of Hacking Learning Grounds

A short article summarising a few of the Pro's of web sites such as and a few of the cons.

The Conscientious Computing Guide

an essay on the importance of supporting international labor struggles and the preservation of our environment in the choices we make when acquiring a new computer

The Definition of Spyware

All about Spyware.

The Ethics Of Hacking

The Ethics Of hacking written by Dissident

The Injustice of the Justice system

I am sure you are all aware of the happenings within the HellBound Hackers community. I am writing this article to clear up a few things with the way the law is run. Within the Justice system they are supposed to being wrong doers to justice. Well the way I see it there is another thing that they do...they bring the people with power they cannot control to \"justice.\" I am sure you all know of whom this article is inspired by. He has done good for the world in his actions and the government could not have done them. So instead of saying \"Thanks for this\" they have come and slapped a bunch of crap charges together and thrown them at them.

The REAL hackers

There once was a time when...

The True Hacker

The True Hacker. A dying breed. There was a time, when the word "hacker" was a respectable title and gave a sense of nobility to its bearer.

The flow of information

An article speculating the internet and the ways of the people that cling to it so desperately.

Unethical Defacements

Egotistical morons tooting their own horns.

Video Games: A Violent Future

Are violent video games encouraging youths of today to re-enact scenes they\\\'ve seen in their games.

Most Read Articles

Selecting Your First Programming Language

Reads: 204723

If you are stuck wondering were to start in your programming adventure this is the article for you.

The Impact of the Gold Rush on Western Society

Reads: 185702

Essay for school on Gold Rush. Not really about western society. Just added "western society" to make it sound more specific. But good Gold Rush info. Please comment. I can expand on it.

Root in Under Five

Reads: 160383

For Schools and Such

Cracking Wep Keys With BackTrack

Reads: 146979

Guide to cracking wep keys for BEGINNERS! By: Exidous

The Tetris Effect

Reads: 131625

A quick overview on a psychological condition known as "The Tetris Effect."

Hydra: Brute-Forcing Passwords (Dictionary Attacks)

Reads: 74928

Brute-Forcing Logins on Remote Services.

MySQL injection complete tutorial

Reads: 71223

MySQL injection tutorial by sam207... please rate/comment it

Game of Life

Reads: 70869

A small article examining the influence of Conway's Game of Life on the hacker culture.

Basic 1 to 17

Reads: 67754

This article is got it....BASIC 1 TO 17! This is a :"how-to-" and may contain some spoliers.

Basic Web Hacking *ALL*

Reads: 62575

A good place to start. Simple instructions for every challenge. *VERY MINOR spoilers*


Reads: 58932


Complete Set Of CGI-BIN Exploits and what they do

Reads: 49861

This tutorial will show you many Cgi-Bin exploits out there and tell you what they mean.

School Network Hacking

Reads: 45179

How to become Admin on your school. This way works for most schools.

Using Python's HTMLParser class

Reads: 42810

A quick intro on parsing web pages in python

Camera Hacking with Google

Reads: 37065

This is a list of strings that you could type into google and find a unprotected network camera.Enjoy!

Latest Articles

Using Google Search AJAX API in Python

Reads: 2199

This article hopefully teaches you how to use Google Search AJAX API in Python.

Pen testing 2 walk through

Reads: 2692

a walk through on the pen testing 2

Top 10 Simple Home Security Tips

Reads: 2740

Easy Home Networking Tips!

Pen Testing 2

Reads: 3228

If you need hints because you are still stucked with pen test 2, this article is written for you.

5 Firefox Addons Everyone Should Have

Reads: 5995

Here's a list of Firefox Addons that everyone should have and use.

Realistic 18

Reads: 3872

A guide to help you with the 'insane' realistic 18.

IT Security, a way of life.

Reads: 4525

Offensive Security vs. Defensive Security general questions and answers essay.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 2

Reads: 8127

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng Results.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 1

Reads: 8527

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng options and syntax.

WIFI - Part 5, OSI and TCP/IP Models

Reads: 4764

This is a quick guide that will help you understand the OSI model and the TCP/IP model. Both are fundamental when dealing with any kind of networking.

WIFI - Part 4, Airmon-ng

Reads: 5637

This is a guide on how to utilize Airmon-ng to be able to place a wireless interface into monitor mode, and be able to successfully use it.

Artificial Intelligence

Reads: 5527

I wrote this a while back and thought it would be good to post on here to start some good debates or conversations. This article is a thought prosses on what gaps the real human mind with that of AI

WiFi - Part 3, Aircrack-ng

Reads: 8657

This is just a summary of the various tools that are included with the Aircrack-ng suite. It also goes over the installation process.

WiFi - Part 2, Protocols, Bands and Channels

Reads: 8695

This section goes over the common 802.11 protocols, talks about bands and channels, and some common characteristics of antennas. Also talks about world regulartoy domains, and how to set them.

WiFi - Part 1, Interfaces and Drivers

Reads: 9972

This section goes over Interfaces, Drivers, and Logs. Depicts what each of the above are, how to view them, and their importance.