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Latest Articles

Articles: Windows XP Tweaks

"Netstat" Displaying Internet Connections Using

Displaying Internet Connections Using Netstat

10 reason NOT to get Windows Vista

The title says it all!

A different way of getting system

This is a different method of becoming system. It creates a service that can be called repeatedly and quickly.


adv. PING

Bypassing Deep Freeze ver. 5.20.* made easy!

Bypassing Deep Freeze ver. 5.20.* by using a nifty little program and some commands.

Change the Text on Your Recycle Bin

Changes the Text on Your Recycle Bin by using a small registry patch

Changing Start Button Text

Follow this article, and you can change yous start button text to what ever you want.

Changing Xp logon screen

The real way to edit and change your XP logon and shutdown screen.

Changing Your Start Button on Windows XP

This Article will help you change the boring start button on the bottom left corner of your screen to something more interesting like whatever you want. Interested? I thought so.

Changing Your Windows XP Boot Screen

This Tutorial Will Help You Change That Boring Boot Screen To A Little More Exciting Like Whatever You Want.

Changing Your Windows XP Login Screen

This Article will teach you to change that boring login screen to something a little more exciting like whatever you want. Interested? I thought so.

Changing Your Windows XP Startup and Shutdown Sounds

Change your Windows XP Startup and Shutdown Sounds as well as others.

Cleaning Windows Processes

A few unnecessary windows processes, descriptions, and removal processes along with how to find more on your own.

Configuring Windows with the System Configuration Utility

Changing Your International Settings Changing Your Environment Settings Changing Your Boot.ini File Changing Your System.ini and Win.ini File

Cookie injection

This is article about what is cookie injection and simple POC

Create File Listing For Folders On XP

This Tutorial Will Help You Make A Small Batch Program That Will List All Of Your Files In A Particular Folder And Put Them In A Text File.

Create an Admin account through utilman.exe on Windows XP

A user can create an Administrator account on a local machine by replacing the utilman.exe file.

Customizing your XP look

In this Article, ill show you how to customize the look of XP!

DoS Attacks

Lists & explains the various DoS attacks

Evading Anti Virus Detection

Learn how to hide your trojans, backdoors, etc from anti virus.

Exploiting Administrator account

Create an administrator account on restricted Windows XP computer

Gaining root on windows and linux

Some of the easiest methods to gain root on any windows or linux box!

Getting into any Windows system and getting the password!

Using Linux live disces to get SAM and SYSTEM files

Hacking Windows XP passwords

This will show you how to retrieve and crack the Windows SAM files which contains all the user passwords

LOGIC help, but only hints and a How-to...

Help with logic problems, just some notes they're all you need so i made them for you ;)

Limiting Windows accounts

In this article we will learn how to restrict users\' capabilities on a Windows NT - like machine (Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista).



Making A new IP

Do you want to change your ip then here you go

Making Hidden User Accounts

You can make an account hidden so that no one knows it exists but you using a little Registry Editing!

Multi-Threads in Java

What they are and how they implemented

Plasma Effect


Programming in Pascal

the basics of the pascal language

Protecting Your System from Viruses and Worms

Protecting Your System from Viruses and Worms Types of Virus Files How Do Viruses Spread? Preventing Infection by Viruses Avoiding Getting Infected

RAMdisk as temp folder

In this Article, youll find out how to use your RAMdisk as an temp folder ;)

Real Life Planning explained

Giving your ideas, thoughts and deductions some structure. Organizing your information, so when you get in action, you know what you’re doing. Real Life Planning explained.

Respectfully Pointless

What is respect... ?

Rooting with php

Use the PHP file_put_contents() function to gain root.

SMTP injection

About injection of commands into SMTP

SQL Injection PoC

Another method for looking preventing and securing your site from SQL Injections

SQL Injection Walkthrough

An SQL injection walkthrough taken from

SYSTEM rights

Gain SYSTEM rights and be able to end any process.

Securing Your Web Communication with Encryption and Certificates

Managing Your Personal Certificates Managing Certificates from Certificate Publishers Using Object Certificates When Downloading Browsing the Web Securely

Sending and Receiving E-mail Securely

Receiving Encrypted or Signed Mail Getting a Digital ID from a File Getting a Digital ID from Incoming Mail Sending Signed Mail Getting a Digital ID Through LDAP Search

Setting Up a BIOS Supervisor Password on Windows XP

Tutorial on setting up a BIOS password

Some simple windows computer pranks

I have a little sister, she's about a year and a half younger than me. We both have our own computers, and I've found some ways to mess with hers. Here are a few of them.


tips for xp.


tricks for your XP box.

The Benefits of Linux,

Linux Vs. Windows

Tracing Packets over the Internet

Tracing Packets over the Internet

Tuning Your Processor and Memory Settings

Tuning Your Processor and Memory Settings Tuning Your Swap File Size Virtual Memory settings Tuning Your Computer's Performance with the Performance Options Dialog Box Tuning Your Display Settings

Types of Internet Accounts

UNIX Shell Accounts and Bulletin Board Systems The Microsoft Network (MSN) Online Services Cable Internet Accounts DSL Accounts Internet (PPP) Accounts Dial-Up Internet Accounts, Including ISDN

Using Templates in C++

A basic tutorial on using templates in C++

Very basic html tutorial.

For the newbie to get a very basic idea of what html is. And to maybe get someone started in the right direction. Learn to make your own web page.

Ways To Speed Up Windows XP

Make your life with XP a little less frustrating! maybe? :P

What Are Java, JavaScript, VBScript, and ActiveX?

Managing Which Files Internet Explorer Downloads What Are Internet Explorer's Zones? Controlling Your Download Security Managing Java and JavaScript Managing ActiveX Controls

Windows XP Pro Security: The Essentials

If you are running Windows XP, you need to read this!

Windows XP: uninstalling normally uninstallable programs

getting rid of programs that come with xp that you can't normally get rid of

bypass user login

this tutorial shows one method of bypassing user login on a computer running xp

command prompt

opening a command prompt to any folder

getting admin rights on a local nt box.

ideas and techniques on how to get Administrator access at a local Windows nt box.

making a portable version of your fave apps

Just like the title says.

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Selecting Your First Programming Language

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If you are stuck wondering were to start in your programming adventure this is the article for you.

Complete Set Of CGI-BIN Exploits and what they do

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This tutorial will show you many Cgi-Bin exploits out there and tell you what they mean.

The Impact of the Gold Rush on Western Society

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Essay for school on Gold Rush. Not really about western society. Just added "western society" to make it sound more specific. But good Gold Rush info. Please comment. I can expand on it.

Root in Under Five

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For Schools and Such

Cracking Wep Keys With BackTrack

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Guide to cracking wep keys for BEGINNERS! By: Exidous

The Tetris Effect

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A quick overview on a psychological condition known as "The Tetris Effect."

Google Hacking

Reads: 132451

Google Hacking

MySQL injection complete tutorial

Reads: 101544

MySQL injection tutorial by sam207... please rate/comment it

Basic 1 to 17

Reads: 92932

This article is got it....BASIC 1 TO 17! This is a :"how-to-" and may contain some spoliers.

Hydra: Brute-Forcing Passwords (Dictionary Attacks)

Reads: 88574

Brute-Forcing Logins on Remote Services.

Introduction to Programming I: Installation

Reads: 79749

Python, Ruby, C, C++ and Java.

Game of Life

Reads: 77075

A small article examining the influence of Conway's Game of Life on the hacker culture.

Camera Hacking with Google

Reads: 75837

This is a list of strings that you could type into google and find a unprotected network camera.Enjoy!

Basic Web Hacking *ALL*

Reads: 74413

A good place to start. Simple instructions for every challenge. *VERY MINOR spoilers*


Reads: 65631


Latest Articles

Introduction to Programming I: Installation

Reads: 79749

Python, Ruby, C, C++ and Java.

Complete Anonymity Guide.

Reads: 39238

How to be Anonymous online and more.

PLC Electronic Basics

Reads: 28895

An overview of how electronics play a role in PLC development.

Introduction to PLC

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Basic overview of a PLC

Using Google Search AJAX API in Python

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This article hopefully teaches you how to use Google Search AJAX API in Python.

Pen testing 2 walk through

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a walk through on the pen testing 2

Top 10 Simple Home Security Tips

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Easy Home Networking Tips!

Pen Testing 2

Reads: 30661

If you need hints because you are still stucked with pen test 2, this article is written for you.

5 Firefox Addons Everyone Should Have

Reads: 34891

Here's a list of Firefox Addons that everyone should have and use.

Realistic 18

Reads: 26306

A guide to help you with the 'insane' realistic 18.

IT Security, a way of life.

Reads: 29841

Offensive Security vs. Defensive Security general questions and answers essay.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 2

Reads: 41748

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng Results.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 1

Reads: 37640

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng options and syntax.

WIFI - Part 5, OSI and TCP/IP Models

Reads: 30501

This is a quick guide that will help you understand the OSI model and the TCP/IP model. Both are fundamental when dealing with any kind of networking.

WIFI - Part 4, Airmon-ng

Reads: 20656

This is a guide on how to utilize Airmon-ng to be able to place a wireless interface into monitor mode, and be able to successfully use it.