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Latest Articles
Articles: Linux / UNIX

A Guide To Using Wine

Emulators ?

An Introduction to Backtrack 3

A short guide to getting up and running with backtrack 3 final.

Automatically Mounting Hard Disk Partitions at Start-Up on Linux

How to mount a partition automatically on Linux.

Change the kde kmenu icon.

Does exactly what it does on the tin.

Cron Jobs

An intro to cron jobs

Fdisk: Partitioning Your Hard Drive

Detailed explanation on using Fdisk to partition your hard drive.

Interesting Unix Commands

Some of my favorite Unix commands. (some of them are out dated, i know)

John The Ripper For Linux

John The Ripper Tutorial For UNIX/LINUX Only

LInux Terminal Introduction

A beginners introduction to the very powerful linux terminal

Mac OS X Physical Security

Mac OS x security article

Mac Terminal Easter Eggs

Hidden fun in the "Terminal" program of Mac OS X

Making Linux Live CDs

For anyone that doesn't know, or anyone interested in Linux

Securing Linux (ESSENTIALS)

Important to do before surfing the net, or making a connection across your own bubble-wrapped LAN.

Single-Packet Authentication and Protocol Analysis

SAP Authentication and Protocol Overview (Basics).

Some Linux Operating Systems Explained

Notes on different flavours of Linux operating systems which I have used and seen in use.

Some useful Linux commands(Part 1)

Useful linux commands

TT1 *NIX 1: FreeBSD's Ports System

Software Installation on FreeBSD, easy as hell!

TT1 *NIX 2: Unix Basics

Basic commands and summation of Unix based systems.

TT1 *NIX 3: Linux Choices

So many Distrobutions.. Wait, Wtf is a Distrobution?? Some linux anatomy.

The survival guide!

There are masses of commands, but only 10 you will need everyday!

Unlock System Preferences [Mac]

Gain complete access to all the panes of the system preferences, even when they are \\\"greyed-out\\\".

Why Linux is mistaken to be the Hacker OS

Why does Linux and *nix in general scare people into thinking all it's users are hackers?

WinSCP3 - Local & Remote PC files TRANSFER.

sometimes you want to transfer files from linux to windows without having to use CDs or dangerous P2P software. That's why there's a quick and easy way to communicate between same or different Operating Systems.

Wiping LOGS on *nix Systems

For educational purposes only.

X: 6000-6063 (TCP) Service Abuse

X Windows System Misconfiguration hacking and the infamous "Wake Up, Neo" trick from the matrix demonstrated with X.

Most Read Articles

Selecting Your First Programming Language

Reads: 219463

If you are stuck wondering were to start in your programming adventure this is the article for you.

The Impact of the Gold Rush on Western Society

Reads: 191893

Essay for school on Gold Rush. Not really about western society. Just added "western society" to make it sound more specific. But good Gold Rush info. Please comment. I can expand on it.

Root in Under Five

Reads: 167446

For Schools and Such

Cracking Wep Keys With BackTrack

Reads: 160323

Guide to cracking wep keys for BEGINNERS! By: Exidous

Complete Set Of CGI-BIN Exploits and what they do

Reads: 152177

This tutorial will show you many Cgi-Bin exploits out there and tell you what they mean.

The Tetris Effect

Reads: 138082

A quick overview on a psychological condition known as "The Tetris Effect."

MySQL injection complete tutorial

Reads: 94522

MySQL injection tutorial by sam207... please rate/comment it

Basic 1 to 17

Reads: 87492

This article is got it....BASIC 1 TO 17! This is a :"how-to-" and may contain some spoliers.

Hydra: Brute-Forcing Passwords (Dictionary Attacks)

Reads: 85140

Brute-Forcing Logins on Remote Services.

Game of Life

Reads: 75546

A small article examining the influence of Conway's Game of Life on the hacker culture.

Basic Web Hacking *ALL*

Reads: 71908

A good place to start. Simple instructions for every challenge. *VERY MINOR spoilers*

Camera Hacking with Google

Reads: 69888

This is a list of strings that you could type into google and find a unprotected network camera.Enjoy!


Reads: 63794


School Network Hacking

Reads: 53568

How to become Admin on your school. This way works for most schools.

Using Python's HTMLParser class

Reads: 49504

A quick intro on parsing web pages in python

Latest Articles

Introduction to Programming I: Installation

Reads: 37152

Python, Ruby, C, C++ and Java.

Complete Anonymity Guide.

Reads: 32480

How to be Anonymous online and more.

PLC Electronic Basics

Reads: 23664

An overview of how electronics play a role in PLC development.

Introduction to PLC

Reads: 22947

Basic overview of a PLC

Using Google Search AJAX API in Python

Reads: 31284

This article hopefully teaches you how to use Google Search AJAX API in Python.

Pen testing 2 walk through

Reads: 27677

a walk through on the pen testing 2

Top 10 Simple Home Security Tips

Reads: 29456

Easy Home Networking Tips!

Pen Testing 2

Reads: 26214

If you need hints because you are still stucked with pen test 2, this article is written for you.

5 Firefox Addons Everyone Should Have

Reads: 29682

Here's a list of Firefox Addons that everyone should have and use.

Realistic 18

Reads: 21930

A guide to help you with the 'insane' realistic 18.

IT Security, a way of life.

Reads: 24771

Offensive Security vs. Defensive Security general questions and answers essay.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 2

Reads: 34168

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng Results.

WIFI - Part 6, Airodump-ng Part 1

Reads: 32267

This is a pretty thorough guide on everything Airodump-ng. It covers the basics and some of the more advanced features that are part of the tool. This part is about the Airodump-ng options and syntax.

WIFI - Part 5, OSI and TCP/IP Models

Reads: 24957

This is a quick guide that will help you understand the OSI model and the TCP/IP model. Both are fundamental when dealing with any kind of networking.

WIFI - Part 4, Airmon-ng

Reads: 17990

This is a guide on how to utilize Airmon-ng to be able to place a wireless interface into monitor mode, and be able to successfully use it.