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Articles: HBH Challenge Tutorials

A General Guide

For learning, and learning how to do the challenges, for those newer members who want to learn.

ALL basic and javascript


All Flash Challenges

An easy to follow guide to Flash Challenges 1 - 4

All Stegano Challenges ***contains spoilers!***

There are many spoilers in this article... you have been warned...

App 1-8

Basic description on how to complete app 1-8.

App 3 Walkthrough

Walkthrough of App 3 - ONLY IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT

App 5

ok, i'll try to explain this one.

App 9

cracking app 9

App Challenge Tips

A few tips to help you solve the app challenges

App Challenges Hints (5-15)

*Just the hints of app challenges.*

App9 the very easy way.*possible spoiler*

App9 without a keygen in potentially under a minute

Application 10

Walktrough with minor spoilers

Application 11

Application 11 Help

Application 9 creating keygen

Solving application 9 challange by developing a keygen (spoiler free).

Application Cracking 2

Helps you with App 2 of the HBH program cracking challenges

Apps 1 to 6

An article on application cracking challenges 1 to 6, this article may contain major hints/spoilers

Apps 7 to 15

Part two of my very very very old article. Contains major spoilers, steer clear of this if you do not want spoilers.

Basic 1 - 5 Levels *Some Spoilers - No Passwords*

The basic HBH levels 1 - 5. Also its my first article so excuse me if i might any mistakes or mess it up :D.

Basic 1 and 2

Just a little help for anyone who needs it.

Basic 1 to 17

This article is got it....BASIC 1 TO 17! This is a :"how-to-" and may contain some spoliers.

Basic 1-5

This is a walkthrough basics 1-5 (no spoilers, but if someone thinks i gave too much away pm me)

Basic 10 Guide

How to set up and use proxies

Basic 13

A (pretty) detailed tutorial of the newly added Basic 13.

Basic 18-27(-24)No spoilers

This is an article to help you pass the basic levels..There are no spoilers just a few hints..Enjoy!

Basic 5

no spoilers

Basic 7

How to beat Basic 7 *no big spoilers*

Basic 7 - Read, think, pick-up points

The simplest way: one day w/ out google'ing vs 5 minutes - actually doing it - sMArt mOVe ha?

Basic 8

A brief tutorial on baisc 8, may contain spoilers. I decided to write this as it seems a lot of people struggle with this challange.

Basic Missions 3-7

Some Help for missions 3-7 in basic web hacking.

Basic Web Hacking *ALL*

A good place to start. Simple instructions for every challenge. *VERY MINOR spoilers*

Basic Web Hacking 19 (updated)

A tutorial on Basic 19

Basic and Javascript Challenges

Both Basic and Javascript Challenges

Basic web hacking 1 (The retard test)

Help with basic 1.

Basic web hacking 17

guide possible spoilers

Basic web hacking 22

how to complete this challenge -Possible spoilers

Challenge help for all # 1s

A little help on the first of each kind of challenge..e.g. java1, basic1, patching1...should help for those who are stuck

Doing app 10 the lazy way

Without making a keygen

Easy Flash Tips -May Contain Slight Spoilers-

Complete the flash challenges the easy way.

Enc 4

Shedding some light.. -maybe not a spoiler-

Encryption #11

This article attempts to walk you through the logic involved in solving this challenge. I tried not to give too much away, but rather to give you the tools and knowledge for formulating a plan of attack.

Encryption 1 & 2

Beginning decryption for the first time can be difficult. Look here for some first-time pointers and a guide on the first two HBH challenges.

Encryption 11-The simplest way

Simple way to get through this mission.

Encryption 2

How to decrypt a Substitution cypher while building an understanding on basics of cryptography.

Encryption 3

Encryption 3

Encryption Challenges Explained

A handy tutorial on the encryption challenges 1,2,6,7,8.

Flash Challenge 1 - 4 by zitcon

Flash challenges by zitcon. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

Flash Mission #1

A beginner's guide to spotting and decompiling Shockwave Flash Objects (.swf files) *AND FLASH MISSION #1 Spoilers *

Hacking Javascripts

An all-round way on how to hack javascripts.

Improving your process of logical thought.

Logical challenge tutorial. NOTE: not hints or spoilers.


This is help on how to do all the javascript challenges. It may contain spoilers. (please rate it)

JScript Challenges 1-8

Walkthrough for Javascript 1-8

JavaScript 1 to 7

Article on JS 1 - 7 by system_meltdown, may contain spoilers.

JavaScript 8 to 13

Article on JS 8 - 13 by system_meltdown, may contain spoilers.

JavaScript Hacking (1-8)

Welcome to another fine article to guide you through the JavaScript hacking missions (the last one is excluded) on HBH.

Javascript - 1 to 14!

14 challenges explained in detail.

Javascript 1-4

How to complete javascript 1-4

Javascript 10, 11 and 12 walkthrough

This is a simple way to complete the javascript challanges 10, 11 and 12. :)

Javascript 11

How to complete javascript 11 in 2 different ways.

Javascript 16 *may contain spoilers*

An in depth look at the mathematical analysis it takes to find the length of the password for this challenge. Knowing th length of the password is going to save you a lot of headaches as you will see in this article.

Javascript 7 *may contain spoilers*

Very easy way to complete Javascript 7

Javascript 9 & 10

Help with Javascrip 9 & 10

Javascript 9 - 15

Help with Javascript 9 - 15 Possible spoilers. Enjoy

Javascript 9 Guide - without JS injection

This is a guide written with little spoilers intended. You may have seen many people do this challenge using javascript injection, however, this is not the only way...

Javascript Challenges !ALL!

All Javascript challenges. May find spoilers. UPDATED as of February 16, 2010!

Javascript Challenges 1-11

This article is a list of short walkthroughs/tips for Javascript challenges 1 to 11


A guide to beating js16

Logic 4

How to begin the challenge.

Logical Challenges explained

A brief explanation on some of the logical challenges

Logical challenges explained *minimal spoilors*

updated to include logic 4

O_o Javascript 15 o_O

2nd serious article so far.. but it's kinda small...

Olly with apps

Basic idea of how to use olly on apps

Other Challenges

Yeah, first article for some of other challenges

Other Challenges Help

Good Article by Folk Theory

Pen Test Challenge 1 Edited

An article on the Pentesting challenge. Sorry if it contains spoilers.

Pen Testing 2

If you need hints because you are still stucked with pen test 2, this article is written for you.

Pen testing 2 walk through

a walk through on the pen testing 2

Pen-testing challenge help

Guide how to begin with, and hopefully finish the pen testing challenge ( no spoilers, minor hints )

Real 10

A quick and *painless way to beat this one with minor spoilers. *(almost)

Real 10

A breif overview of real 10

Real 11 Noob 2 Noob Spoiler Free...But Has Everything You Need

Completing A Programming Challenge Through A Non-Programmers Languageā€¦ Visual Basic

Real 13

this doesn't give you the awnswers but will help you a little!

Real 14.

Easy guide to completing real 14.

Real 15 Noob 2 Noob

From A Noob To Another

Real 16 Noob 2 Noob

From A Noob To Another

Real 3

How to beat real 3

Real 4

A guide to a hard challenge *minimal spoilers*

Real 5

Tutorial from Real 5

Real 6

A description on how to solve Real 6

Real 6 Mission

How to get through the real 6 mission...

Real 8

Guide on how to do the brute forcer for Realistic 8

Real 9

A quick article on Real 9.

Realistic 1

Writting realistic 1 articles, before it was cool!

Realistic 1

Help with realistic challenge 1

Realistic 1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for realistic one be carefull though as it does contain spoilers!

Realistic 1 for Dummys

..the easy why.

Realistic 11

Detailed tutorial to beat the most difficult Realistic challenge (worth 150 points)! May contain spoilers!

Realistic 11

How to pass realistic 11

Realistic 12

Help with realistic 12, wolfmankurd style

Realistic 13

Real 13 Guide. Step by Step...with good HINTS!!!

Realistic 16

A simple to follow guide to completing real 16.No spoilers(I hope(I don't think there are))I hope it helps!:)

Realistic 18

A guide to help you with the 'insane' realistic 18.

Realistic 2

How to complete Realistic 2

Realistic 2

Help getting through level 2 of realistic missions...

Realistic 3

an easy to follow guide to passing realistic mission 3

Realistic 4

I know loads of people are stuck so this may help

Realistic 5

An in depth tutorial for those who are pulling their hair out.

Realistic 6

Are you stuck?

Realistic 7

A guide to realistic 7, may contain spoilers.

Realistic 8

How to complete Realistic 8...fairly easily

Realistic 9

How to beat real9? Please read & rate this article.

Realistic Mission 1 Walkthrough (Not Spoiler)

To help noobs with Realistic Mission 1

Realistic Mission 2

Learn to do Realistic Mission 2 using javascript, prior knowledge of javascript is assumed.

Realistic mission 7

Article about Real 7, no spoilers

Rooting 1

An indepth look at rooting 1.

Rooting 1 2 and 3

I will explain how to do the first 3 rooting chals, in this articles i aim to, help people do the chals and help people knows going on.

Rooting Challenge 1 + 2 Tutorial

As it says.

Rooting challenge 1

A tutorial on Rooting Challenge 1, with hopefully minimal spoilers.

SE (Social Engineering) 1-2

Pretty much a walkthrough of both SE challenges. *Possible spoilers*

STEGANO 7 (i think :P)

This will get you LOST and will NEVER HELP U!!

STEGANO CHALLENGES (Yeah, them all )

This is help on how to do all the steganography challenges. It may contain spoilers. (please rate it)

Social Engineer Challenge 1


Social Engineering Challenges 1 and 2

How to complete them. No spoilers.

Social engeering 2

how to beat s.e 2

Steg 12 hints

Tips on how to crack Steg 12

Steg 16

Walkthough for Steg 16

Stegano #7 and SQL

A simple approach to JOIN power

Stegano 1-4, then 6-8

my first article :D hints from stegano 1 to stegano 4 then 6 to 8, number 1234678, no 5, sorry

Stegano 1-8

A little help for stegano 1-8 Stegano 2, 6, and some of 7 credited to bmxer_jake

Stegano 11 ONLY

Steg 11 help only

Stegano 5

realy easy lots of work but its there! ;)

Stegano 5 Made Easy

Yes, another Steg 5, but this one does it a VERY different way....

Stegano 9 and 10

Background info aswell as help on Stegano challenges 9 and 10.

Stegano challenges 1-14 and 17

Tips, hints and partial walkthroughs on most of the stegano challenges.

Steganography 22

An article on Steg22.

Steganography, challenge8

Help with 8

Steno 5

Some hints for stegano 5

The concept behind Timed 7

A basic overview of what to do and how to attack this challenge.

Timed Challenges 1,2,3,4,5,8 Tutorial

The Greasemonkey-Way V1.3.5 *minor spoilers*

Tips for Javascript Challenges

A list of things to know and use to help you get through the Javascript challenges.

Tips: Javascript challenges

5 hints/tips which can help you to beat the javascript challenges.

Tracking 1 and 2

How to complete Tracking Challenges 1 and 2

Tracking Challenges

Help with Tracking Challenges 1 & 2

Urban Defacement

Urban Defacement tips! Its your urban defacement, have fun with it! (Please comment)

Using Python for timed challenges.

Using Python to do http requests to receive data from and send data to the web page located on the Hellbound Hackers server. (can be done for any site too.)

Web Patching 1 to 3

A guide for the web patching challenges, may contain spoilers.

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MySQL injection complete tutorial

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Basic 1 to 17

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a walk through on the pen testing 2

Top 10 Simple Home Security Tips

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Pen Testing 2

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5 Firefox Addons Everyone Should Have

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Realistic 18

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